8 Albion Online tips that will make your life easier

Welcome to another Albion Online tips article! We’re going to explore some of the simplest, yet not-acknowledged-enough things you can do to improve your gameplay and overall performance in the game.

Making use of your island’s farm

I’ve mentioned this before, but I can’t stress this enough: farming is the best and fastest way to make money in Albion Online. It can be so profitable, that if done right, you can even buy you a one-year Premium Pass with your farm earnings. Sure, you need to prepare your island and research market trends, but it is so worth it.

Pro tip: whenever you can, create other characters and farm on every single one of your characters’ islands. It is hellish work, but it’ll make you rich in no time.

Know where to place your island

Again, this tip has been shared before, but I feel like new players still make this mistake. Do not just place your island anywhere. Study the best locations, see which cities you move around in, and which have safer surrounding territories. It’ll save you a lot of hardship.

Set money aside

I don’t know about you guys, but I always try my best to always buy the Premium with in-game money. But it’s just so easy to access your game bank account and just spend it all. For that reason, I – and I know many others do it too – created an additional character in the game, just to act as a bank. That way I won’t be so easily persuaded to spending money.

Find a guild

Another piece of advice I want to share with you is to find yourself a guild. Guilds are incredibly useful for gaining fame and learning all about the game. But be careful, don’t just accept random guild invitations. Most times it will be a noob guild who takes advantage of players and charges ridiculous taxes.

Tips and tricks for Albion Online

Don’t be scared of the Red and Black Zones

They are not as dangerous and scary as people make them out to be. You just have to watch out so you don’t get ganked. There’s much to be learned about these zones, but with high risk comes great reward.

Don’t parade your Gucci gear

For the love of God, do not go into a dangerous zone wearing armor you can’t afford to buy again. There is absolutely no need for you to use T8.3 gear on a ganking or solo fame farming trip. T4.1 and T4.2 are more than enough for those purposes. And they won’t leave you completely bankrupt.

Change shortcuts

Believe it or not, changing some of the shortcuts can be a lifesaver. The most urgent shortcuts are: Select Party Members, Mounting, and Potions/Food. For me, having Potions on T is the best option, as it lays right next to the Armor skill. Food is at Y.

Also place spells according to casting time. By that I mean you shouldn’t place quick cast spells right in the middle of the Press to cast spells. It will just confuse you in the long run, and you will have a hard time remembering their position in the middle of a fight.

Watch pro players

Watching pro players do their magic can greatly improve your gameplay. Albion streamers have the ability to show you the best places to go, best builds to wear, awesome fame credit info, and so much more. If you aren’t already doing this, then you have no idea what you’re missing.

I hope you enjoyed this article on tips and tricks for Albion and stay tuned to Squad, as I post articles about Albion Online very often!

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