8 things about Albion Online I wish I had known before I started

Welcome back to yet another Albion Online article. Today we are going to go over 8 of the things I wish I had known before getting into the game.

Number 1 – Banks are local

That means when you put stuff on a certain city’s bank, that stuff won’t appear in a different city’s bank. I definitely wish I had known that right from the start, as it would have saved me from a tiny heart attack, thinking I had been robbed.

Things I wish I knew before playing Albion Online

Number 2 – Sell orders at the Auction House

Second on the list are sell orders on the Auction House. Whenever you want to sell something at the Auction House, you should always check the price range other players are selling it for, to give you an idea. I find this tip useful, as when I first started, I sold a few items quite quickly and only after a while did I discover that I had sold them for way less than their market value.

Note also, that Auction Houses are also local, so whenever you sell or buy something, you will have to go to the same Auction House to retrieve the items or money.

Number 3 – Studying Tier 4+ items

If you like to craft items, know that when you reach Tier 4, you can either sell the items or study them. Sure, the money can be quite useful, but studying the items levels your crafting proficiency. And to my own surprise, I learned early on that studied items grant twice as much Fame. So, an item that grants 100 Fame points, when studied, will provide 200 Fame points.

Number 4 – Dying in different zones

When I first started playing Albion Online, I figured that when you die, you’d lose some experience and a few coins. But, to my surprise – and quite frankly heartbreak – that is not entirely true. The penalties are in fact much harsher.

It’s true that when you die in a Yellow zone, you lose some silver and your durability will be reduced by 10%. But, whenever you die in a Red zone or a Black zone, you will lose all your gear.

Things I wish I knew before playing Albion Online

That means that you would need to pay extra attention to the items and gear you bring into those zones. And don’t worry, Albion usually sends a pop-up message to warn you when you enter a different zone.

Number 5 – Choosing your island’s location

A lot of Albion Online players start the game not knowing that they can actually choose the location of their island. And I find that the game would be much simpler in the beginning, if new players learned right from the start that they can place their island in the location that has the most strategic benefit to them. I mean, it definitely would have saved me many unnecessary trips.

Number 6 – Resource nodes have tiers

Not gonna lie, it took me quite a while to figure out that the resource nodes on Albion Online have tiers. And you can even proc uncommon+ material, once you reach Tier 4. So if you wish to acquire some rare materials, then I suggest you level up your gathering skills ASAP.

Furthermore, I also wish I had learned about Fame Credits early on. I didn’t, but it’s not too late for you.

Number 7 – Crafting on your island vs Crafting in the city

When I first started the game, everyone mentioned how great it was to be able to craft and refine materials on your own island. And let’s face it, it does come in handy.

However, it was later on that I found out that refining and crafting in the cities gives you a 15% resource return rate, which you won’t get on your island. I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely feel like a 15% return rate is definitely worth the trip.

Things I wish I knew before playing Albion Online

Number 8 – Farms = Money

Last on the list is farming. I knew a lot of players placed a lot of time and resources into their own farms, but I had no idea why they went to all that trouble. It was only a few months after I started playing, when I learned from an Albion Online streamer that farming is the best way to generate a good income in Albion. In fact, it is so profitable that you might be able to buy Premium with just in-game money. To me, that is a big plus.

The first thing you need to do is prepare your island. Then you just need to research the Auction House, to find out what is the current market trend to be aware of. After that, you only need to grab your boots and get to work!

And there you have it, my top 8 things I wish I had known before playing Albion Online. I hope this list helps you avoid the rookie mistakes I made. And to improve your gameplay further, check out my builds for ZvZs, Solo Fame Farming, and Dungeon Maps guides.

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