Albion Online mounts and where to find them

If you play MMORPGs – or other types of games – then you are already acquainted with mounts and how they work, right? Well, even if you’re not, today we are going to go over mounts in Albion Online, what benefits they bring to the player, and which mount is most appropriate for each activity.

Albion Online mounts 101

To start off, whenever a player uses a mount, they get the stats of the mount. Those stats will always depend on the type and tier of the mount, and they vary between speed, resistance, hit points, hit points regeneration and weight load.

As for tier, players can use high tier mounts if they have the correct Adventure node unlocked. Simply put, a player with an Adventure Tier 5 can ride a Tier 5 mount, but no higher.

A short guide on Albion mounts

Mounts in Albion are split into two separate categories: Normal and Rare. Each of those categories is further split into subcategories:

Normal mounts

Normal mounts come in three different flavors: Horses, Armored Horses and Transpor Oxen. All normal mounts can be crafted, which is a big plus, and each one has its advantages and benefits. However, despite being cheap and craftable, you should always make sure that the mount you are going for is right for the objective ahead of you before picking it.

Horses: Horses are one of the most, if not the most common mount in Albion Online. They are very cheap and reasonably fast, plus they offer some carrying capacity increase to the player. However, as they have zero armor, they have a very low hitpoint score.

Armored Horses: It’s right there in the name, but in case it missed you, these mounts carry armor. That means their resistance to enemy strikes is better, but it does compromise their speed when compared to the non-armored horses. Not only that, but their carrying capacity is also null. In my opinion, these mounts are perfect for short-distance ZvZs.

Transport Oxen: Transport Oxen are what you’d call pack mules. They have armor, an incredible carrying capacity, and high HP, but in return they move quite slowly. They’re the key mount for the trading profession and you’ll often see players moving in and out of cities riding one. The truth is that, despite being slow animals, their HP makes them one of the best options for players who want to cross dangerous zones more safely.

A short guide on Albion mounts

Rare mounts

There are 3 types of rare mounts: the Craftable Rare Mounts, the Challenge Mounts, and the Battle Mounts. All rare mounts offer better stats to the player, which is why they are preferred in many situations. Among these, we also have the City Faction Mounts and the Recruiter’s Mounts, though these last ones can’t be crafted.

Craftable Rare Mounts: Much like the normal mounts, these can be crafted. However, as they are rare, they offer better stats.

  • Swift Claw: The Swift Claws are incredibly fast mounts. They are used quite often in ZvZs and for ganking, as they are cheap. The only downside to these mounts is that their HP score is very low.
  • Wild Boars: The Wild Boar is adored by many – or maybe even all – Gatherers, due to their speed, carrying capacity, hit points and armor balance.
  • Swamp Dragons: These dragons are great for transport and for areas where there are a lot of mobs. This is because their speed is constant. That means that if mobs attack the mount, their speed isn’t affected.

Challenge Mounts: These mounts cannot be crafted and the only way to get one is through the monthly challenges. Each month, a new mount becomes available in Albion Online and players can only get that mount in that specific month, or have to wait another year to get it. Furthermore, these are only available to players who have Premium. But don’t let that scare you, as Premium can be bought in-game, if you just gather enough in-game money.

I always advise caution with these mounts, as they are very rare and therefore expensive. That means that you should avoid taking them everywhere, especially if you know there’s a risk you’d get killed.

My favorite part about the Challenge mounts, is that their stats are linked to the type of mount. For example, if you get a Tiger, then you can expect speed.

Battle Mounts: Battle mounts are won after the end of each season by the guilds that rank Silver or above. Not only that, you need to be in the guild for over 65 days in order to get the mount. It’s not by chance they’re called battle mounts: their purpose in Albion Online is to fight in ZvZs.

A short guide on Albion mounts

Some are craftable, like the Command Mammoth, while others can only be won at the end of each season or as Crystal GvG rewards.

And that’s it! Now that you’ve learned all the basics of Albion mounts, it’s time for a big pro tip: do not overspend on mounts. If you are going to a risky area where you might die, don’t be the dummy to bring a rare mount. It’ll make you a bigger target and you’ll feel very bad when you lose it.

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