Beginner tips for 2v2 Hellgates | Albion Online Guide

In this article, I’m going to share with you guys the best beginner tips for 2v2 Hellgates for Albion Online. We’re going to go over what Hellgates are, and then move on to things you need to know to thrive in Hellgates.

What are Hellgates?

Hellgates are arena-type areas where you get to fight mobs and mob bosses… and, of course, the player duo coming in from the other side of the Hellgate.

The name is scary and everything is red and on fire, but the truth is that Hellgates are nothing to be afraid of.

Starting low and working your way up

If you’ve never done a Hellgate before, then you might want to begin doing a low tier one, in either a blue or yellow zone. That way you get used to the surrounding environment and your own build, without risking losing a lot of money on equipment you’d need for a red or black zone.

Sure, the rewards won’t come near other zones’ Hellgates, but it’s the best way to get started. Once you are comfortable doing Hellgates in blue and yellow areas, it’s time to move on up to a red or black zone.

Beginner tips for 2v2 Hellgates | Albion Online

Getting to know your own build

When you choose the build you want to bring along in your Hellgate adventure, it’s important you know exactly how to use it and make the most of it. You also need to choose each weapon and armor’s skill you want to have in your keybinds, so you always have those important skills ready to go.

There are a number of great builds to take on 2v2 Hellgates, so it’s really up to you to try some different things and see which works out better for you.

In my case, I have a couple of favorites, which I will share with you guys.

Build 1 – The self-heal build

This build is great for players who either want to do 2v2 Hellgates as solo players, or in pairs. As the name suggests, it is a build that allows you to be self-sufficient, so you won’t have to rely on healers. If you do decide to pair up with someone, then know this build works out really well with a high damage-dealing partner. Here’s the build:

  • Guardian Helmet
  • Cleric Robe
  • Guardian Boots
  • Crossbow
  • Potions and Edibles: Beef Stew and Resistance Potion

This builds works out perfectly, as you can use W (Sunder Shot) to increase damage intake on the enemy, then follow up with E (Snipe Shot), to make some real damage happen. The Guardian Boots will make sure the damage you take is reduced, and the Helmet + Robe will help whenever you need healing.

Beginner tips for 2v2 Hellgates | Albion Online

Build 2 – The silencing build

The second build consists of:

  • Demon Helmet
  • Stalker Jacket
  • Guardian Boots
  • Black Hands
  • Potions and Edibles: Beef Sandwich and Healing Potion

This build is great to prevent enemies from using any of their abilities, while you get to deal a lot of damage in the process. The boots are the same as the first build, so their main use is to reduce damage taken. Once you’ve chosen your target, use Q to weaken them, then E to stop them from using any abilities.

As this isn’t a self-heal build, you’ll need some edible help. The beef sandwich increases your max HP, and the healing potions are great aid as well.

Build 3 – The reliable build

Last but not least, we have the reliable build. This build is meant to be paired with either high damage dealing partner or a healer, though I prefer to pair it with a healer. The build consists of:

  • Hunter Hood
  • Mercenary Jacket
  • Guardian Boots
  • Bow
  • Potions and Edibles: Beef Stew and Resistance Potion

The way this build works is, you use the Guardian boots to reduce damage, then you use the Hunter Hood to reflect damage. The mercenary jacket creates a balance between healing and damage.

The way you want to work this build is: press E before you engage the enemy, then you use W and auto-attack at the same time, and you’ll dish out a good amount of damage.

Two is always better than one

While experienced players may have mastered the art of soloing 2v2 Hellgates, less experienced players should stick to a 2-player team.

There are dozens of compositions, but I find that the most reliable is DPS + Healer. It is the most focused team and usually results in an easy win. However, you’re free to try any other composition – like the DOT + Burst composition (e.g. Axe and Bow) – and see which works out best for you.

Having a partner to help you through Hellgates will make your life a lot easier, especially if you run into other players. And the real tip here is to not be afraid of trying a double DPS or even a mix of CC with DPS.

Beginner tips for 2v2 Hellgates | Albion Online

Learn your enemies’ builds

Once you have a build for the Hellgate, you need to learn which builds your set is strong against and weak against. If you find other players there, you’ll need to inspect their build before engaging them.

You’ll need to learn to quickly assess your enemy, to know whether you need to overcharge or simply change one or more abilities in your gear. You’ll get better at it with time, and with good partners.

Watch out for rats

Ok, so not real rats, this isn’t A Plague Tale: Innocence. Rats in Albion are players with builds made specifically to steal the loot chests.

These players are nasty little buggers who can catch anyone off-guard, even the most experienced players, so you really need to pay attention to everything around you. If you spot a rat, inspect their gear, to know whether it’s best to kill them or run away from them.

But good news: the latest update, Rise of Avalon, has made it more difficult for rats to steal all the loot. Loot chests now have a lot more HP, plus, the group that deals the most damage to the chest gets the loot.

And that was the last of our tips for 2v2 Hellgates in Albion Online. I hope this article helps you to successfully run a 2v2 Hellgate, so you can then move on to 5v5 Hellgates.

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