Albion Online Call to Arms update – everything you need to know

Back in December 2020, we were promised by Albion Online director Robin Henkys that we would be getting a major update for the game. That time is finally here! Call of Arms is the first big Albion Online update for 2021, and packs a lot of new features and promises.

So, what is the Call to Arms update for Albion Online bringing to the game?

New faction warfare system

Players have previously expressed their (negative) feelings on the Cluster Queue system, and the developers have heard us and are actually making changes… with an entirely new faction warfare system. I am excited, to say the least.

But what changes will this new system bring? Well, first of all, there will be a big expansion of the Royal Continent, and a new and recurring Faction Warfare event, to keep Albion Online players interested.

An entirely new Front-line battle system is being put into action, so as to encourage factions to fight in the same regions. Not only that, but factions will now be able to control entire regions!

There are also now loyalty rewards for players who stick with the same city, rather than jumping from one city to another.

It is too early to tell if everything works as intended, but once I get a full grasp of the whole thing, I’ll share my thoughts with you.

Hellgates 2.0

Anyone who reads my articles already knows I have a lot to say about Hellgates, and not all of it is good. Thankfully, the Call to Arms update for Albion Online is bringing massive improvements, which happen to fix all of the things I didn’t like about Hellgates.

First of all, there is an improved matchmaking system – THANK YOU! Second, a rising lava mechanic is being put into action, to keep players from using the very annoying stall strategy.

The update will also feature a bunch of new Hellgate layouts, which is pretty cool, since most of us had already gotten used to the old ones.

And last but not least, we’ll get to take part in the Hellgate Infamy system, which allows players to gather better rewards and measure their Hellgate exploits against those of others.

Call to Arms update for Albion Online

Overall improvements

Every time there is a new update, we get a graphics update, which, to be honest, is one of the reasons I worship Albion Online’s developer team. This time around, plants will “get a life”, rather than just looking like a painting in the background, so to speak.

The loadout system is something I already discussed with you guys and frankly, I’m quite happy that it has been thought of. Simply put, loadouts will allow players to save equipment sets so they can quick-equip them at any time.


Albion Online will be 4 years old soon and to be honest, I have been pleasantly surprised with each new update. It is very common for players to lose interest in MMORPGs after a while, but the dev team behind Albion Online is managing to keep the playerbase engaged and growing, and I am personally very excited to try the Call to Arms update.

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