Everything new the Rise of Avalon update brings to Albion Online

Albion Online is continuously getting updates, which is a big reason why many of us love the game. The newest addition will be the Rise of Avalon update for Albion, which will be released on August 12.

This new update introduces a lot of features, including the Wilderness of Avalon, Roads of Avalon, new hideouts, and, of course, a new line of weapons, consisting in 15 different weapons and 3 off-hand items, each very unique. Buckle up, I’ll be going over all of these new features and a number of other new things coming to Albion Online in the Rise of Avalon update!

The Roads of Avalon

The Rise of Avalon update for Albion will allow players to fully explore the ancient Roads of Avalon, whether it is for treasure hunting, resource gathering, or even just as an alternative passage from zone to zone. The Roads of Avalon work as a network of paths that change every now and then and can be accessed through magical portals that spawn throughout the open world.

Rise of Avalon | The new Albion Online update

Each gateway will have a different timer, meaning that when you see one, it might remain there for 4 hours or 4 days. There is really no way of telling how long they’ll last and the developers seem to want to keep it that way. It should be interesting for escaping ganking.

Once inside a gateway, the player will face multiple other gateways, which will lead to the Outlands, the Royal Continent, or further down more roads. As it is, it really reminds me of a complex maze with shifting walls. But, these are controlled, as the new update won’t allow, say, 30 people to go in all at once.

But the Roads of Avalon go beyond that. Within this network of pathways, you can actually place hideouts to keep you safe from enemies and you can even make a living there. These roads will place players away from all the typical Albion Online activities, such as territory wars and guild seasons. That is the best news for small scale PvP players or Gatherers with a lot of courage.


The Rise of Avalon update for Albion Online is bringing a lot more dungeons to the game. And they’re meant for both PvP and PvE players, so everyone should be happy. Each of these new dungeons will present new challenges, with new traps and corrupted mobs.

There is a bit of a bonus for PvP. Players can invade other players, at which point, the victim will choose between banishing the enemy or standing their ground. Whoever wins gets some of the other player’s infamy points. Why are these infamy points valuable? Well, the higher your infamy, the more high-level dungeons you get to take part in and also better rewards that come with it.

Rise of Avalon | The new Albion Online Update

Avalonian weapons

This is one of the parts I’m most excited about: the Avalonian Weapons. With the Rise of Avalon update, players will get to try out 15 new and unique artifact weapons, plus 3 offhand items. They can either be dropped by Avalonian mobs or crafted from Avalonian shards.

And we’ll also get to enjoy one new skill with each new weapon. So far, I think my favorite ones are:

  • Majestic Smash (two-handed sword), which will knock all enemies into the air, followed by an airstrike.
  • Soul Link (Nature Staff), which links 2 different targets.
  • Lucent Hawk (Bow), shooting up to 4 long-range skill shots in a row.

Other new features

The Rise of Avalon update for Albion also includes an extension of the Destiny Board, where the artifact weapons will have more specified item-based nodes.

Another new addition are the Satchels of Insight, which are special bags that will reduce the amount of Silver earned through PvE in return for a faster Fame progression.

The update will also bring some overall improvements to Albion Online, namely the in-match scoreboard for PvP battles, and new estimated market value for items.

And last but not least, a new costume: The Rogue Adventurer. It’s a full poison-themed costume, which will be available to players in the in-game store.

Albion Online | Roads of Avalon - Part I

Personal thoughts

After the Queen update came out in January and considering the whole global pandemic situation, I figured it would take a whole lot longer for Sandbox Interactive to develop a new update for Albion Online. That said, I keep getting surprised by them – in a good way – and I can feel this new update is going to be a good one.

I am a bit disappointed that the Cluster Queue subject hasn’t received any attention, as players have been having a hard time dealing with it, but I can only hope developers will improve it as we go along.

Other than that, I am just eagerly waiting for August 12 to arrive, so I can start exploring the Roads of Avalon and everything else coming with the update!

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