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Most of you guys already know this, but farming in Albion Online is one of the most basic yet important pillars of the game. Farmers produce all of Albion‘s food supply, which is needed for a huge variety of activities in the game. And it’s not just planting seeds and growing crops. Sure, the player can grow crops and herbs, but they can also nurture animals, cook food and even venture into brewing potions.

Farming basics

All farmers need one thing to start out: land. Luckily, players get the land they need when they get their own private island. Each island can have up to 5 farming plots, depending on the island level. If you have another purpose for your island or just don’t feel like farming there, then you can access your guild’s farm territory. This method is great, as you can grow larger quantities of crops, considering each guild farm has up to 8 farming plots.

Either way, you will find a Farming Merchant that will sell you just about anything farming-related: seeds, baby animals and all other necessary supplies to get you started.

If your goal is to be your guild’s premier farmer, then know it’s a great job. The food produced is very necessary to hold a guild’s territory, and so, guilds will look for good farmers, to guarantee they have a good food supply to keep everything running smoothly.

Farming 101 | Albion Online

Choosing your farmer path

So you’ve chosen the farmer’s life, that’s great. But what kind of farmer are you going to be? Do you plan on focusing your attention on growing vegetables, herbs, or maybe both? Do you prefer raising normal foals and calves, or those special baby animals which later on will become mighty mounts?

Aspiring farmers in Albion Online have a lot of options, and you don’t have to be worried about choosing one path and then regretting it later on. You can change whenever you want.

Knowing your options

Vegetables and grains are usually used for food crafting, while herbs are usually grown for brewing potions.
As for animals, you can either nurture mounts (horses and others) or farm animals (calves and foals). Both can be placed in a pasture, but will ultimately have different outcomes. Mounts will be used by players to move around, while farm animals produce resources, such as milk and eggs. Or if you prefer, you can kill them and sell them as ingredients for food crafting.

Last but not least, you can raise special baby animals that cannot be bought from an NPC. These animals can be looted from world bosses and special mobs, or you can buy them at the marketplace or directly from another player.

Tips and tricks

First, time down the crops. To be successful in farming, you need to look after your farm crops and animals. If you plan on making money from farming, then write down the time your planted seeds will be fully grown. That way, you can harvest them right away and replant the land.

Also remember to use your Focus Points. To make the most out of your farming, you should really learn how to properly use your Focus Points. They will provide an increase in seed yield and offspring. The cost of using Focus Points is calculated considering your farming abilities. Simply put, the more experience you have, the fewer points you’ll have to spend.

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