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A lot of MMORPGs these days have fishing as an activity, but I find that none of them quite compare to fishing in Albion Online. Fishing in Albion is quite unique, and the minigame is incredibly fun.

Fishing 101

The first thing you need to go fishing is obviously a fishing rod. Then you head out to a fishing spot and your mouse will automatically appear as a fishing hook. Here you just need to hold the left button, set your launch distance, and release whenever you want.

As soon as it starts swinging in the water, you’ve hooked a fish and can then click the left mouse button to reel it in. Doing so will activate the minigame, which is nothing more than a balance game. You will need to keep the hook inside the green area at all times. If you fail, you will lose the fish.

To succeed in catching a fish, you need to know how to keep it in the green area. Holding the left mouse button will cause your hook to go right. Releasing the left mouse button will automatically make the hook move to the left.
Once the fish icon reaches the yellow end of the blue bar, the fish will be collected and added to your inventory.

Fishing spots

Fishing can be done throughout the entire Albion world, and there are two types of fishing: freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. Rivers, lakes, puddles and all water bodies found on dry land are classified as freshwater. On the other hand, saltwater will only be available near the ocean.

The best fishing spots are the ones where you can find fish schools.

Fishing equipment

Like I said, you need a fishing rod to catch fish, but there is more to it than just that. You can only catch fish of a tier equal to or less than your fishing rod level. Simply put, the better your fishing rod, the better your chances.

Players can also equip fishing gear. This equipment has special passive abilities that increases fishing return.
My favorite is the fisherman backpack. These backpacks reduce the weight of fish, allowing the player to catch as many as possible, without overloading themselves.

Fishing mechanics in Albion Online

Leveling up

Increasing your fishing level can be done in two ways: catching fish or eating fish. I find that a mix of the two is the optimal solution. So, you increase your level by catching fish and then you eat it. Win-win situation.

Lures and fish return

All players are free to use bait to increase the fish’s hooking speed. You can make bait out of worms found whenever you harvest crops on farms.

Fishing mechanics in Albion Online

Consumables to use when fishing

There are consumables for pretty much every activity in Albion, and so, naturally, there are a few for fishing as well.

Fishing mechanics in Albion Online

Tips and tricks

If you thought fishing in Albion was going to be as easy as fishing in Runescape is, you’re sadly mistaken. For that reason, I’m sharing some lifesaving tips! First, don’t stick to just one area. Fishermen are easy targets for hostile players and if you die, you will not only lose the fish but also your equipment. So once you’ve gathered enough from one area, move along to another.

Second, aim for fish schools. To hook more quickly, you should always try to catch a fish in fish schools, to speed up the hooking process.

Finally, use bait. Using bait will speed up everything, so you can catch the fish you want and then quickly move to a different place.

Making a steady income

Making money in Albion by fishing won’t happen straight away. In fact, you won’t make any serious money before you reach Tier 7. But when you do, you’ll start catching rare T7 fish and even normal T8 fish.

And there you have it, my ultimate guide into fishing mechanics for Albion Online. It might feel a bit overwhelming at first, having to pay attention to your surroundings whilst hooking the fish at the same time, but soon enough you’ll get the hang of it.

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