Focus Points and how to use them | Albion Online

What are Focus Points in Albion Online, you ask? It’s a good question and I’m here to explain it to you. Focus Points are, first and foremost, one of your most valuable resources in Albion and can be used in two major activities: farming, and crafting and refining.


When it comes to farming, the Focus Points can be used in many ways. You can use them to nurture animals, which will result in a higher offspring yield percentage or to water crops, resulting in a higher yield of seeds and earthworms. To use your Focus Points, all you have to do is click on the already placed crops or animals. This will open a new window where the option to “water” or “nurture” will appear. Click on the option that fits the purpose and you’re done!


By now, you probably know how to craft and refine items, but if you do it as a way to make money, then you definitely should be spending Focus Points. To explain it briefly, spending Focus Points on crafting and refining will result in a higher return rate of the materials you use. Not only that, but it also increases the chances of crafting/refining higher-tier items.

Focus Points and how to use them | Albion Online

You could be crafting an item and normally get a 15% return rate – if you do it in a city – and with the Focus Points, you’d get almost three times as much of the materials back, which is pretty amazing.

To use your Focus Points, you’ll have to check the “Focus” box at the bottom of a Crafting/Refining window.

Why use Focus Points at all?

Like I mentioned above, anyone who plans on making a real profit from either farming or crafting will need to use them. Getting a bigger return rate for the materials means you can use them to make even more items, ultimately resulting in more items to sell. The same applies to farming. The more offspring and seed return you get, the more money.

How to get Focus Points

Gaining Focus Points in Albion Online is quite easy. In fact, when your Premium Status is active, you literally just have to wait as the Focus Points generate automatically. You will get up to 10k Focus Points per day, up to a maximum of 30k. 30k is the maximum amount, so until you spend some of those points, you won’t be getting any more.

Last but not least, I want to share with you a valuable piece of advice: don’t spend your Focus Points on low-tier items. Save them for higher-tier items, as it’ll be much more worth it. However, if you can’t craft high-tier items and your Focus Points are pilling up, then go ahead and do it!

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