How to find the Albion Online guild that’s best for you

A lot of players wonder whether it makes sense to join a guild in Albion Online. It’s a fair question,  and depending on the type of player you are and your objectives in the game, it might seem like guides are a waste of time.

So, is joining a guild really worth it? Let’s find out!

Why join a guild in Albion?

First of all, Albion guilds are so much more than just groups of people. They’re communities where people really work with each other to improve – or at least that’s the idea There are a lot of guilds, from very small to very large, so you’re bound to find one that suits your gameplay style and objectives.

I mean, there is a lot to gain from playing solo, but I feel like players that don’t join guilds tend to miss out on a lot of the fun Albion offers. As a solo player, there’s no way you’ll get to participate in massive ZvZs or even Crystal Realms.

Plus, guilds make players’ lives a whole lot easier. When you’re in a guild, it is a breeze to find a group for dungeons and other activities. And let’s not forget that if you’re in a guild that has a lot of territories, you’ll have a much higher level of protection.

Why join a guild in Albion Online

Let’s say I’ve sold you on the idea of joining a guild already, and now you’re looking for one to join. There are a few things you need to look for in a guild.


Always look for an Albion Online guild that speaks your language. It doesn’t have to be a guild with only native English speakers, but for the most part, all players in the guild should be able to understand each other.

Trust me, listening to players speaking other languages is all fun and games until a ZvZ is about to start and you have no clue what you’re supposed to do because your Shot Caller is speaking Russian.


Well, this is a given. Wherever you are in the world, try to find a guild with a similar timezone. This is for no reason other than the fact that if you join a guild with the opposite timezone, you’ll almost always be playing alone. Joining a guild that’s active at the same time you are means you’ll always have people to accompany you in your adventures.

Activity Compatibility

Make sure that the guild you choose does what you like to do. If you’re into Hellgates and Crystal Realms, there’s no need to join a ZvZ-focused guild. If you’re a gatherer, then joining a guild with no outland territories will be a lot harder than joining one with a lot of towers.

Simply put, like-minded players make up for a more interesting guild.

Why join a guild in Albion Online


Albion is a game with players of all ages. For that reason, you should look for a guild that has the same maturity as you.

This can be the hard part of picking your guild, as maturity isn’t stated in a guild’s descriptions, but I find it’s a very important one. As someone who is nearing her 30s, I find it is impossible for me to be in a guild that resorts to mama jokes whenever they mess up something and refuse to take responsibility for it.

So try to find the right guild and you’ll be spared from a lot of cringy conversations.


Being in one of the Top 10 guilds is quite interesting, but not the ideal option for casual players with limited time to play the game.

The Top 10 guilds tend to be very active and members will be expected to participate in ZvZs, War Camps and other activities that casual players might not be into. Gatherers and general PvE players don’t usually thrive within these guilds, and that’s totally fine.

You’ll just need to assess your availability to participate in the guild’s activities and choose a guild accordingly.

Recruitment process

Each guild has its own specific recruitment process. The golden rule here is that the harder the recruitment process, the better the overall guild players will be.

At some point, you might get randomly invited to a guild. These are usually either new guilds with few players or guilds that simply play by the numbers rather than quality. Whatever the case, it is very hard to determine the caliber of these guilds. Personally, I keep my distance.

Other, more complex guilds will ask players to fill a recruitment form with detailed info, or might even invite you to a Discord interview with the recruitment leader.

Why join a guild in Albion Online

Guild taxes

Most guilds tend to charge taxes to all players. It’s quite ordinary, as guilds have to pay for the territories they own and so on.

However, keep an eye out for guilds that charge over 20% tax, especially if they don’t own any territories. I mean, if there is no territory to maintain, where is the money going?

Top guilds to join

There are hundreds of guilds to join and you can easily find the best ones at Albion’s Leaderboard. This leaderboard will show you all the info on The Top PvP, PvE, Gathering and Crafting Guilds. And if you’re a more casual player looking for a reasonable, but not top-of-the-line guild, you can see the full list of guilds by category there as well.

You’ve joined a guild. What now?

If the guild you’ve applied to accepts your request to join, you’ll automatically be added. From then on, you can ask them which channel or app they use to communicate with each other.

My advice is to join that chat ASAP, so you can get to know your guildmates and quickly find out how the guild operates. If the guild is a good match, then awesome. If not, you can just jump ship and find another one.

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