How to make the most out of the Albion Online Black Market

Nowadays it is very common to find Black Markets in MMORPGs, and Albion Online is no exception. The Black Market in Albion is a truly important part of the game’s economy. And like any other market, when the need for something increases or decreases, the prices change along with that need.

Simply put, the market is directly linked to players’ actions within the game. Today we are going to explore how the Albion Online Black Market works, and how you can make use of it.

Why choose the Black Market?

Selling stuff on the Black Market usually gets you a better price than selling directly to other players, especially if we’re talking about low-tier gear. This is because low-tier gear is usually bought in lower numbers, but crafted very often.

And if you want to get rid of high-tear gear, you will often be able to unload it much faster at the Black Market, as long as you’re OK with selling it at a lower price.

Buy and Sell Orders

Selling and buying on the Black Market requires creating or filling buy or sell orders, which is a really simple process. If you plan on selling something, then you create a sell order and choose the item you want to sell. You then list the price you want and wait. The Black Market doesn’t usually buy your stuff right away. It usually waits for the price to rise high enough to afford your offer.

If you don’t feel like waiting to sell your stuff, then know that is someone has placed a buy order, you will immediately be informed, and will not need to create a sell order. Just fill the already existing one, for the listed price.

Black Market for Dummies| Albion Online

Sorting options

As it happens with every other marketplace in Albion Online, you will have a wide range of sorting options on the Black Market. You can sort any way you want, whether it’s armor, long-range weapons, magical weapons, consumables, furniture, you name it. If it exists in the game, then it can be sorted.

The best use of this feature is sorting between refined and unrefined items and even their tiers. It’s a pretty useful tool, and saves up a lot of time.

Making the most of the Black Market

Again, if your goal is to use the Black Market in Albion Online for your own profit, then you first need to see what other players need. Then you provide what they are looking for. If you can gather it, do it. If you have to refine it, do it. If you can’t refine what’s selling and you don’t want to go on a gathering trip, then go through the various local markets and try to find the items you want for a lower price. The golden rule here is to buy low and sell high.

And there you have it, my short guide to the Black Market in Albion Online. And if you are looking to get rich, I have a guide for that too.

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