Is PvE in Albion Online worth it as a solo player?

We’ve been discussing Fame farming and PvP as a solo player in Albion Online a lot lately, and I felt like it was only fair to share my input on what it’s like to choose the solo PvE path. That said, we are going to go over some of the pros and cons of going PvE as a solo player in Albion Online.

Is doing solo PvE on Albion Online worth it?

Albion is a very PvP-focused MMORPG, and most players would say that it is not worth doing just PvE, especially as a solo player. I tend to agree, but I feel like we need to explore it a bit more, so let’s just go over some of the pros and cons.

Pro – All of the loot will always go to you. This is one of the most enticing parts about going solo. If you kill a hundred mobs, the loot from those hundred mobs will go to you. I like the sound of that!

Con – solo dungeons are bad for Fame farming. No matter how hard you try, solo dungeons give out a very limited amount of Fame, in comparison to group dungeons.

Pro – You don’t have to rely on anyone. When you play in a group, you tend to relax more or be less prepared with gear and consumables, as you count on the support of your team to help you. However, as a solo player, you equip yourself to be able to do everything on your own. That means you don’t have to rely on anyone or have to help others.

Con – Lack of content. The game itself was designed to thrive in groups, so following the solo PvE path means you will have fewer options content-wise.

Con – Related to the above con is a lack of gear options. I’ve mentioned this before for solo PvP players, and it applies to all sorts of solo players in the game. The gear and weapon options for solo players is upsettingly limited.

PvE as a solo player in Albion Online

Solo dungeons

Ah, solo dungeons… I’ve got a lot to say about these and most of it is negative, I’m afraid. Like I said above, solo dungeons are incredibly bad Fame. For players looking to go Fame farming, this is bad news. I know this sucks, but I feel like I have to add salt to the wound and tell you that in fact, killing mobs outside Stone Top or even Hungry Mire is better Fame than solo dungeons.

However, there are positives to solo dungeons as well. There are plenty of dungeons to choose from, which is good on its own. But an added benefit of that wealth of options is that there is only a slim chance of running into another player in a solo dungeon. This means you will almost never have to worry about a player coming after you.

Solo expeditions vs gathering and refining

Much like the solo dungeons, you won’t be getting any decent amount of Fame from solo expeditions. Plus, the daily rewards kinda suck. I mean, wasting 10 minutes just to make 10k silver is simply not worth it. I’d rather spend that time gathering and refining items and selling them on the market.

Gathering and refining as a solo PvE player is probably one of the few positive things about solo PvEing you are going to get in this article. I mean, the game makes no distinction here, so it’s safe to say that it is pretty balanced for both group players and solo players.

PvE as a solo player in Albion Online

Runnel Sink

Runnel Sinks are my favorite. It’s an awesome map that pretty much has 3 dungeons in it. They are fun to do, and reward the solo player with a lot of loot. Hurray! The fame is not amazing, but it is definitely better than solo dungeons and expeditions.

The one downside is that it is also a favorite place for solo PvP players, so keep a watchful eye.

Transport missions

I admit I have mixed feelings about transport missions. I mean, they give out a good amount of silver, which is pretty good. However, chances are you are going to get ganked by a group. So yeah, not sure what to think of these.

My final answer as to whether it is worth it playing as a solo PvE player in Albion Online is no, not really. Sure, it has its advantages, but I feel like the cons overwhelm the potential benefits. I truly believe playing solo can be fun, but mostly if you are a PvP player. Sticking to PvE would be more than alright in a different MMORPG, like Archeage Unchained, but it just isn’t enough in Albion Online.

Then again, I really think it is up to you to try it and decide for yourself. Who knows, maybe you will find an awesome way to gain a decent amount of Fame and loot. And if you do, don’t hesitate to share here, as I’m very much interested in learning about it.

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