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It’s been a couple of months since Albion Online released the new Rise of Avalon update and it’s been changing things quite a bit, in a good way. Just yesterday we got our first taste of the first midseason update, a.k.a. Brimstone & Mist. All in all, I’d say Albion’s near future is looking good.

Things Rise of Avalon has changed in Albion Online

The new Rise of Avalon update has brought a lot of changes to the game and so far, I am loving everything about it.

Roads of Avalon

Deep black zone transportation is much easier

Before the Rise of Avalon update was released, it used to be a huge pain trying to transport items to and from the deep black zone, but that isn’t the case anymore. With the new roads of Avalon, players now have an alternative passage from zone to zone, making it much safer to cross the black zone with valuable items in your inventory.

More PvE options and activities

The update also brought with it countless new dungeons to play, and it is not just for big groups, as there are also dungeons for solo players, duo players, and so on. These new dungeons provide a lot of new and different challenges, unexpected traps, and a gazillion corrupted mobs.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there are lots of new places to explore, treasure hunt, and gather resources in, scattered around Avalon’s wilderness, forest paths, Avalonian Camps and resource sites.

Living on the roads

The roads of Avalon have very few politics and little territory warfare. What does this mean? It means it is the ideal place for brave solo players to set out, and Guilds have a lot to win from placing a hideout and living there.

I mean, for small PvP players, gatherers, and somewhat neutral guilds, the Rise of Avalon has been a complete blessing.

Albion’s new midseason update is looking good

The Albion Online Brimstone & Mist midseason update

The Brimstone & Mist midseason update was released on Oct. 21. Game director Robin Henkys shared a dev talk on the matter. From what I gathered, the main mission of this new midseason update includes:

  • Expanding The Rise of Avalon
  • Improving overall gameplay
  • Combat balance changes
  • New recipes

There are more new changes being made to the game, but we’ll get to that soon enough.

Expanding the Rise of Avalon

Henkys mentioned that a wider range of corrupted mobs is to be included in the Brimstone & Mist Albion Online update. We’re talking sword-wielding demons, hellhounds, corrupted heretics, and my favorite part: spike and lava traps! It would also seem that the mobs will be much more unpredictable in their attacks, making for more of a challenge.

As for the roads of Avalon, there will be a lot more fishable waters throughout the entire road system, along with new fish species that can only be found on the roads of Avalon. Players will be able to fish and then choose between eating their catch straight up, turning it into chopped fish, or cooking it, with new recipes also being released with this update.

Albion’s new midseason update is looking good

Combat balance changes

I am happy to say that the developers have finally listened to players’ complaints of the Smart Cluster Queue and changes are being made!

The new changes being made in the Cluster Queue will allow players to have more control over how the armies are set up for large-scale fights. How will this work? Well, the queue sorting is now done on a per-party level, meaning that existing parties within a guild stick together.

Aside from the Cluster Queue, this new update is also changing combat balance, especially for group PvP. According to Albion Online combat designer Michael Schwahn, “This balance patch mainly focuses on Crystal League and ZvZ fights, and especially on improving various abilities and items which have been underperforming recently. Other changes include adding the Harpoon ability to all spears via the W-slot and giving the Spirithunter a new E-ability.”

Android version

For those of you who weren’t familiar with this, the Albion Online developing team is working on their Albion app and the beta version is set to be released as soon as November 2020. They have been testing the alpha version and they are taking their time to improve the in-app updating. The mobile version will be up to date, and it will include the new Brimstone & Mist update.

Albion’s new midseason update is looking good

Personal Thoughts

I love the way Rise of Avalon has been changing Albion Online and love what the developers have announced for the Brimstone & Mist update. Most of all, I am just glad they decided to finally improve the way the Cluster Queue works.

Should the new update play out as promised, I think Albion Online will be a lot more fun in the coming months. If not, then we will have some fun fixes to look forward to in the second midseason update.

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