Should you join a guild in Albion Online, or start your own?

Albion Online is a game full of content, for both solo or group players, and guilds play a major part in the game. But is it better to enter an Albion Online guild that already exists, or to start one of your own? In this article, we will be going through the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and I’ll let you decide after that.

Starting a guild

Yes, you are the big boss. Yes, you get to make all the calls and run the guild in whatever way you choose to. You get to decide whether the guild is going to be focused on PvE, PvP, Ganking, Hardcore Expeditions (HCE) and so on.

Starting a guild is a great idea if you already have a group of friends interested in the idea, because the bigger the guild, the better your chances of it lasting and being successful are. When you own a guild, you get to choose who you become allies with. That is a good thing, because you get to choose an alliance with the same or at least similar goals and values. Having a good alliance makes your life easier, plus you’ll almost always have someone to accompany you in expeditions, fame farming, dungeons, you name it.

However, there is no light without darkness, and there are some downsides to starting your own guild. For starters, being the leader of a guild consumes a lot of time – and energy, I might add – since you will be the one who has to call all the shots and help guildmates when they need it. Guild management can be quite tiresome. You are responsible for setting the rules of the guild, the diplomacy, and guild events. However, since you are the boss, you can also delegate: pick a couple of trustworthy players, promote them to officers and split the work among them. So guild management goes both ways.

Starting a guild vs joining a guild | Albion Online

Another disadvantage is having to deal with the toxic players in your guild. If you start a guild and it begins to grow, you will eventually run into very toxic players that mess with others in the guild, and it will be your job to handle them. How you do so it is up to you, but make sure to do the right thing, as all your guildmates will be watching.

The last problem with running your own guild in Albion Online – and a quite annoying one too – is raiders. Pretty much every guild over 10 players has eventually ran into one or more people trying to rob or destroy the guild from the inside, so you have to keep a close eye to those you recruit into your guild. You might think that you can just manage everything yourself, but at some point, you’ll need help, so make sure to choose the right one.

Getting into an existing guild

I have written an article on choosing the best guild for you, where I discussed how you should choose a guild that speaks a language that you understand, has similar goals and objectives, plays in a similar time zone and that ultimately will have your back when you need it. Now I’d like to talk more about the advantages and disadvantages of joining a guild.

The first benefit of joining an existing guild is that you already know what you are getting into: their goal, their member count, the territories they own, and so on. And since they have already been around for a while, the leader probably already has things figured out, from a schedule of activities to google docs filled with valuable information.

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If you are lucky enough, you’ll even meet some cool guildmates who will ask you into their party whenever they go out ganking, PvPing, or whatever it is you wish to do.

Then again, not everything is sunshine and rainbows, so there are some disadvantages in joining an existing Albion Online guild. The most obvious disadvantage is the fact that you are not making the rules and therefore have to respect the guild’s rules, which might turn out to be different from what you expected when you first joined up.

Another disadvantage – and one of the biggest, in my opinion – is that some Albion guilds force players to participate in certain activities, namely ZvZs, and threaten to expel you from the guild if you don’t show up.

One last disadvantage is guild taxes. It is quite normal for guilds to charge taxes of all guild members, however, it is not normal for them to charge over 20% tax, especially if the guild has no territories or hideouts in their possession. If there are no territories nor hideouts, then what are the taxes really for?

And there you have it, the main benefits and disadvantages that come with starting a guild or joining a guild in Albion Online. I must confess that I have not ventured into starting my own guild yet, but if you think you can rock it, then do it!

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