Solo 5v5 Hellgate method in Albion Online: good or bad idea?

Albion Online is a complex MMORPG where making silver and fame is no easy tasks, and especially so for those who still haven’t figured out the mechanics of the game. Today we’re exploring an Albion Online solo 5v5 Hellgate method going around, and seeing if it actually makes sense or not.

The method

This new method consists of builds. No, I didn’t make a mistake, I really mean “builds”, plural. The idea hinges on players going through 5v5 Hellgates completely solo, using 4 specific builds to keep them going. Don’t fret just yet, a lot of these builds share some mutual items.

But still, does this method really work or not? To determine that, first we need to analyze the builds.

Solo 5v5 Hellgate method on Albion Online: true or false?

First build and getting past the Guardian

The first build is meant to help you kill the guardian and get inside the gate. The first thing you’ll need is a Hunter Hood with the Reflect and Swiftness options, for ultimate benefit.

You will also be needing Guardian Boots with Giant and Toughness, a Morgana Cape, Beef Stew, some healing potions, a torch and Dagger with Deadly Swipe, Throwing Blades and a Life Leech passive.

You don’t have to worry about tier or spec specifically, but focus on getting a mix that will grant you at least 1.200 item power.

In order to get past the Guardian, you should really focus on Q and W and keep hitting those until the Guardian reaches below 22k HP. Once he does, you’re free to press E, to get your health back up and F, R,D to deliver the final hits.

If by chance your health decreases significantly before the Guardian reaches 22k HP, feel free to pop some health potions.

Solo 5v5 Hellgate method on Albion Online: true or false?

Second build

Once the Guardian is killed and you’ve entered the Hellgate, you’ll need a second build to kill the mini-bosses quickly, clearing them as fast as possible. Here it is vital to use a Cleric Robe with Everlasting Spirit and Aggression. Also switch the Guardian Boots to Scholar Sandals with Focused Run and Aggression.

With this build, you’ll see it’s rather easy to kill the mini-bosses. Plus, there are no restrictions on using E.

Third build

Now, for defeating the final boss, you will be needing an Assassin’s Hood with Meditation and Swiftness. This hood combined with the Guardian Boots will make your life a whole lot easier.

Much like with the Guardian, you should save E for when you absolutely need it and no sooner. Use potions if you have to, and prepare to use the boots whenever the boss is preparing to use special attacks.

Fourth build

You’ve completed the dungeon, killed the boss, why would you need a fourth build?! Well, going alone to 5v5 Hellgates in Albion Online makes you an easy target for other teams. And let’s face it, going against 5 players isn’t exactly ideal or even doable. So, this last build is meant to help you escape, with your life and loot.

For this build, you’ll need to use a Double-Bladed Staff with Cartwheel, Stun Run, Crescent Slash, and a Life Leech passive. You will also be needing an Assassin Jacket with Ambush and Cooldown and also Scholar Sandals.

Now, I can’t guarantee you’ll always escape using this build, but your odds do improve greatly. Just don’t forget that outrunning 5 players who might split up and ambush you is quite difficult. However, in the eventuality that you DO succeed, then enjoy the immense loot and INSANE fame drop.

Solo 5v5 Hellgate method on Albion Online: true or false?

Personal thoughts

First thing’s first: I did not come up with this build, nor do I have an idea where the idea started. The rumor has been around Twitch and even some YouTube videos for the past month and some players swear by it. Others have been less successful.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure how players could actually pull this off. Sure, the PvE part is completely doable, but it would be hard, if not impossible, to not cross other players in the meantime. I understand some players’ active gaming hours coincide with Albion’s least occupied hours, but still, it’s highly unlikely for it to happen.

Plus, knowing you WILL cross paths with other players 99% of the time, I really don’t feel encouraged to bring four different builds along with me. I mean, to bring builds with over 1.200 item power means you had to invest quite a bit of money on the builds. And to have it go to waste just like that, yikes, chills my bones.

Then there’s also the possibility you’ll run into rats. And by rats, I mean players who seem to be alone but aren’t. They get into a Hellgate and attract other players, only to ambush them later on with a few other friends.

All that said, I think this method isn’t very effective and will likely result in more loss than gain.

Better alternative

Although the idea of going solo to collect all loot and fame sounds amazing, I really think 5v5 Hellgates should be done with 5 players. I know, I know, there is no sense of adventure in this approach, but it is the most rewarding. Aim for 1 Tank, 1 Healer, and 3 DPS. This strategy is not only safer, but also is a good practice for Crystal Realm Battles.

Nevertheless, if you’re feeling like testing it out, go for it, but my friend, you’ve been warned.

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