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Looking to get more info on solo PvP on Albion Online? Good, then you’ve come to the right place! Albion Online has a lot to offer for players who enjoy the competitive aspects of MMOs, and by that I mean bashing other people with big weapons. We’re talking PvE fights, Crystal Realm Battles, and Zerg vs Zerg, a.k.a. ZvZs.

Crystal Realm Battles include 5 players in each team, with the objective of controlling or defending a territory. Zerg fights are all about castle ownership and contesting war camps. But what is there for players who like to do their thing completely solo?

Today we’ll talk about solo PvP. That’s right! It is possible, and when done right, can be quite profitable as well.

Is it worth it doing solo PvP on Albion?

Yes and no. There are quite a lot of advantages to doing solo PvP in Albion Online, but also a lot of disadvantages. Let’s go through some of them.

Pro – you are the boss. The first advantage of doing solo PvP in Albion Online is the fact that you make your own decisions. You decide the course of action and don’t have to wait for someone to tell you what to do.

Pro – more rewards. Not having any teammates means all the loot goes to you. If that doesn’t motivate you to at least try going solo, then I don’t know what will.

Solo PvP on Albion Online

Con – balanced fights are hard to come by. When you first go solo in PvP in Albion Online, you very quickly discover that it is very rare finding another solo player to fight. And I don’t just mean 1v1 battles; I could take on 2 or 3 opponents at the same time, but those are hard to come by as well.

Con – balance issues. Your choices of armor and weapons when going solo are very limited.

The way the game was designed does not favor Solo players, so in order to survive or even thrive you have to adjust as best as possible to the way things are. The fastest way I learned was by watching other solo players who stream. You can learn a lot from watching AlbionPewPew, Beststrikeo and many others.

What to prepare for?

A lot of Albion Online players don’t look for fair fights, they look for easy wins. As a solo player, you look like an easy target. You will get ganked quite often. Heck, you will even accidentally get caught by a Zerg. And whilst with some skill you can survive the first, there is no way you are getting out alive from a Zerg fight.

If you’ve fought in groups before, then forget all you were taught. You will have no backup, no people healing you. You will have to adjust your tactics, find better PvP spots, and pay a lot more attention to the game.

Overall, PvP gameplay comes down to accidents and mistakes on both sides. A good team of 3 that has learned how to perfectly work together will be hard to beat. But everyone makes mistakes, and it’s now your job to exploit them, while trying to survive long enough to capture the perfect opportunity to strike back.

Things I wish I knew before playing Albion Online

Tips for solo PvP

Find the best time. PvPing at peak hours is not the best idea for a solo player. Choose calmer times of the day, where there is a lower number of players online. That way you will reduce the chance of running into one or multiple players trying to gank others.

Use mobs to your advantage. As an open-world game, you will find mobs pretty much around every corner. Learn how to use them against your opponents to give you an advantage. If you are fighting more than one player, then mobs can level the battlefield.

Watch out for “solo” players. Sometimes you will run into a “solo” player, who will challenge you to a 1v1 battle. And they will let you get the upper hand of the battle and then appear as though they are running away. In fact, they are leading you to a secluded place where other teammates are waiting to spring the trap. Don’t fall for it.

Use the Overcharge. Trust me, using the overcharge at the beginning of the fight can be the difference between victory and defeat. Overcharging is the solo player’s best friend.

Don’t fight in Royal areas a.k.a. non-black zone areas. The red zone would be the perfect place for a solo player to go PvPing. However, you should absolutely avoid it, for one simple reason. Each kill in the red zone means a loss of 500 reputation points. Not only that, but it’s a zone usually full of groups and parties.

Don’t wear what you can’t afford to lose. There is no need to wear a T8.3 gear for solo PvP. Especially if you can’t afford to replace it when you die. Most times, a T4.1 or T4.2 gear will be enough.

Unlock abilities. The last piece of advice I give you is to try to unlock at least 40/100 abilities before going solo. If you do that, your life as a solo PvP player will be much easier.

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