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Among Us will add colorblind support options

Among Us was accidentally shot into stardom after Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris began streaming the game on Twitch. Before everyone knew it Among Us had 100 million downloads and was being streamed on everybody’s Twitch channel. This massive popularity boost wasn’t expected, and developer InnerSloth had to make a huge pivot to accommodate this flooding playerbase. While servers were an issue, they hadn’t considered another major hurdle: colorblind players. They intend to remedy this by adding a colorblind mode soon.

Why are colorblind options a big deal

Good accessibility options are an important baseline to hit for any game, but especially this one. Among Us players are able to identify different Crewmates based off the color of their character. Each character chooses a preferred color, so it’s easy to call out who people believe the Imposter to be. If that’s a main identifier, imagine how difficult it would be to not be able to differentiate between different players.

Sure, there are names that show which player is which, but colors pop. It’s much easier to remember that Teal killed Pink right by Communications, rather than Player 1 killing Player 5 and so on. Proper options accommodating for different types of colorblindness would solve the issue.

When should players expect colorblind options?

By their own admission, InnerSloth were not expecting the huge influx of players. With Among Us 2 being nixed in favor of improving their current game, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect the new addition to arrive sometime in 2020.

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