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How to play the custom Among Us Codename Location mode

As if tracking and calling out colors weren't confusing enough

Among Us sometimes needs some game rules adjustments and imagination to keep the game new and fresh. Among Us Monster Mode proves that players can take the existing rules and fudge them up, dumbing down an already simple game down while cranking up the chaos. If that sounds fun, consider the custom Among Us Codename Location mode. It adds unneeded confusion to break everyone’s brain – all without deviating from the typical rule set.

This game mode is best for people who enjoy emergency meetings and screaming absolute nonsense. Calling out Crewmates has never been more sus.

Among Us Codename Location custom mode settings

The settings for this game mode are super flexible, since it’s not based around actual gameplay, but deception and diplomacy (we’ll get to that soon).

Among Us custom game codename locations

While these settings are Imposter-friendly, feel free to adjust however you feel appropriate. The idea behind this is to goad the Imposter into killing some Crewmates that will force Emergency Meetings and Reports. If you have a full game with two Imposters, turn off Confirm Ejects.


Among Us Codename Location call for a pre-made group that has location names assigned before entering the game lobby. The idea is very simple: everybody is named after a location on the map. Under no circumstance can you call a Crewmate out with their color or real life name. One rule infraction warrants a warning, and the second one calls for an ejection. Those are the rules. Super simple.

There’s no other gimmick past this. It doesn’t sound too fun written out like this, but playing Codename Location is mind-meltingly confusing. Imagine reporting a body by calling out “I saw Storage kill Reactor in Communications. I came down from Navigation and passed by Storage who was looking super sus.” This leaves so much room for miscommunication, having people vote for the wrong people, tripping call-outs up making people look sus, and producing some quality banter.

All credit for this custom Among Us mode goes to YouTube user Ben:

Among Us Custom Locations mode

Thanks Ben! Modes likes this keep Among Us feeling fresh and hilariously frustrating.

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