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How to play the custom Among Us Monster Mode

It's like The Thing... but everyone dies this time.

You’re playing Among Us, but the game is taking too long and you’re tired of big brain-ing and outsmarting everyone. Well, I’m going to tell you about a custom mode that’s quick, small-brain and the complete opposite of base Among Us. Welcome to Monster Mode.

Among Us Monster Mode custom settings

For starters, we are switching the script. Crewmates are getting 2x vision and Imposter gets 0.5x vision. Imposter kill cooldown drops to 10 seconds, and they can no longer do any sabotaging except for doors.

Locking the door before killing a player ratchets up the tension in a real way. The other Crewmates can do nothing except sit and helplessly listen to your victim’s squeals from the other side of the door.

Among Us Monster Mode

Among Us Monster Mode custom rules

A very important part of this game mode is removing the ability to report bodies or call an emergency meeting. This is easy enough to force in your group of friends: if someone calls a meeting or reports a body, eject their ass immediately.

Crewmates are discouraged from calling out who the killer is. A good rule of thumb is to keep ghost rules. If you’re dead, no call outs – but if you witnessed a brutal murder, feel free to tell all your fellow prey.

A good way to balance this out is to give crewmates the ability to warn other players if they’re approaching the killer’s location. You can do this as ghosts if you like as well, as long as you haven’t given up the fact that you’ve died.

This is why it’s called Monster mode. Art by Neytirix via Deviantart.

A true horror movie experience

Playing on Skeld turns the game into a constant game of cat and mouse, with venting relegated to strategic play. Alternatively, Mira HQ is rarely a chase, and all you’ll see is the killer hopping vents between murders. It’s almost like the progression of a horror movie, and Mira is the first half, in which the killer picks off targets slowly and methodically. Skeld is the second half – an all out chase with the remaining characters already knowing the killer’s identity.

Sometimes you can even play a stripped down version of Friday the 13th, as the Imposter may sometimes teleport a bit due to the game being buggy. C’est la mort.

How to change up the game for Mira HQ

I should mention that playing this custom Among Us Mode on Mira HQ changes things up quite a bit. The launch pad tasks on Mira can hurt the experience somewhat. You’ll usually be down to the last few Crewmates by the time diagnostics is done. Decontamination chamber can be hit or miss as well. Being locked into a vent-able tunnel leaves you in a rough spot – who knew? Though I personally feel this is part of the fun.

You lower the amount of tasks here, as well as the Imposter vision. Imposters also get to use Admin terminal here, to balance against the lack of vision. You can keep the game settings mostly the same from Skeld – or you can change them – like so – to up the ante.

Among Us Monster mode Mira

As this is a custom mode, feel free to tweak settings to your liking to get the perfect Among Us horror experience!

Monster Mode is a great custom mode to help come down from the tense mind games of Among Us.  It’s a fast-paced game mode reminiscent of your favorite slasher films (also great training for speedrunning tasks!) And it’ll likely have you and your friends laughing, screaming and cursing the whole time.

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