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The 4 best Among Us kill spots on The Skeld

Where? Self report?

You’re in the pre-game lobby and roles haven’t been assigned. You look to your left and to your right: everyone’s chilling, looking super sus(picious). The game starts up and it turns out that you’re the Imposter. Where on The Skeld do you start your killing spree? We’re here to lay out the best Among Us kill spots on The Skeld. Yes, Electrical is on the list. No, there aren’t any kills in the screenshots because I was trying to not look sus in-game.


Lets start with the painfully obvious: Electrical. The only worry any Imposter has is the cameras monitoring the hallway in front of Electrical. Crewmates with a keen eye watching cams can easily monitor who’s in and out, but that’s the only major threat to the Imposter.

Sabotaging lights limits visibility, so if nobody sees you enter through the entrance or vent into Electrical, it’s easy to slip in and out after a kill. The vent is located in the uppermost left corner of the room, and it connects to MedBay or Security.

MedBay is tricky, since the vent is at the bottom of the room, and cameras monitor the entrance. Security is a high visibility and trafficked area, so it’s tough to bluff that you’ve been watching cams the entire time if somebody was already sitting there.

electrical among us


There’s something annoying about those players that don’t finish their tasks but insist on watching cams the entire game. They want to be that snitch that sprints at the possibility of calling out the Imposter after a single kill, or declaring someone to be sus. While security is a highly visible busy area, it’s super easy to vent right in and snag a quick kill before anyone notices.

With that said, sometimes it’s best to leave the snitch in Security. You’ll know where they are at most times, can accuse them of being sus for doing nothing, and have the peace of mind knowing that there’s an easy kill if you ever need to change the pace of the game.

COnversely, when you need to flush people out of Security you should sabotage communications. Lights will turn off for everybody, except for those using cams. Once most of them flock away to fix the sabotage, grab your kill and go, hoping nobody notices you weren’t around the whole time.

Security Ghost Among Us


The west wing of the ship isn’t as frequently travelled as the mid or east sections. O2 is a great kill spot, because it’s close enough to the hallway that a kill won’t splatter blood into camera view, but not too far that you won’t be able to make a quick dash afterwards. Like most other places, be aware of the cameras here.

If you decide to sabotage oxygen with few people left, you can always fake repairing the sabotage to shave off valuable time. If someone decides to repair it beside you, kill Crewmates off in hopes of winning by the sabotage timer.

O2 The Skeld Kill locations


To keep it in the kill spots west wing of The Skeld, Navigation gives a lot of the same advantages as O2. The two major perks Navigation has over O2 is the proper sectioned-off room, and a vent in the bottom left corner.

There’s usually a good excuse to fake tasks in Navigation, since there are three different tasks you could pretend to do. If you see that there’s only one person chilling in the room, take them out quick and get out before anyone notices. More often than not, the body won’t get reported for a solid half minute. That buffer is plenty of time to distance yourself from the scene of the crime.

Navigation The Skeld kill location

Any location can be a great kill spot in Among Us depending on the situation. Some places were omitted because not all of them on The Skeld have as many strong advantages as the kill spots listed. Admin wasn’t included since it’s the most travelled route in The Skeld. Cafeteria doesn’t provide enough advantages, and it’s a large section of the map. Weapons is a little too close in proximity to Cafeteria, but it’s still a strong kill location. Just find your groove and pick your timing.

Happy hunting and try not to look too sus!

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