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The best Among Us community memes so far

Among Us has brought together and torn apart so many friend groups lately. We’ve decided to put all our favorite community memes together in one place to show the absolute chaos Among Us can be. Enjoy the ride, and remember: Red’s always the Imposter.

Headgears in this game be like… from AmongUs

Next up, lobby decides not to separate families:

wholesome moment of father’s love from AmongUs

Dad with Two is wondering if you’ll take care of his kids when the Imposter gets him.

Speaking of kids:



my child learned to scan himself from AmongUs

Pink child confirmed Crewmate. I saw it do scan.

Don’t be that guy! from AmongUs

Can’t wait for the Devs to change Among Us, making leavers be sent to an Imposter-only game, so they can kill each-other, and convince each-other that they’re the Imposter.

It be like that sometimes from AmongUs

To the ghosts that stay until the end of the game and do their tasks, we salute you.

Relatable from AmongUs

Where? Y? Any sus? Self report?

Was it lime or dark green? from AmongUs

Seriously though, scanning a card shouldn’t be this hard.

Big Brain from AmongUs


You made it this far, so here’s a treat: the origins of Dad of Two.

Celebration time! from AmongUs

Moving on.

Worse than impostor from AmongUs

There are just some people that need to be booted out of chat.


To all requesting features left and right, be grateful for the great game we have! from AmongUs

Hardly a funny meme, but this needs to be seen at all times. They made a game and released it for free on mobile.

When you get Imposter on Skeld from AmongUs


Somethings wrong, I can feel it from AmongUs

This is the only time hacking is funny in a multiplayer game.

Big brain time x3 from AmongUs

I’m not faking tasks, I just suck at swiping the card.

Idk man, seems kinda sus to me from AmongUs

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe she’s sus?

We hope you enjoyed these Among Us memes! With a game about Tic Tac astronaut people mind-gaming and monster-murdering each-other in space, it’s not surprising the community churns out quality Among Us memes on the daily. Head on over to /r/AmongUs if you’re a family person and aren’t sus.

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