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The scientifically proven Among Us color tier list

In Among Us, hats are your personality and color is who you are. Nobody will instinctively call out names like Dill Brine or SofaKing. Crewmates and Imposters will call out colors as the main identifier whenever a death is reported, or emergency meeting is called. Color preferences tell a lot about a player. We rank the colors to help you navigate the game’s social hellscape. This is the definitive Among Us color tier list.

F Tier

  • Brown

Yawn. This is the color you’re stuck with when someone else chooses your color preference. There’s nothing particularly special or bad about this color. It just is. F Tier might be harsh, but N/A doesn’t quite fit here either. Sorry to the Brown players, y’all just meh.

Peace was never an option! from AmongUs

D Tier

  • Lime Green

It’s a gross vibrant color, generally chosen by a gross abrasive person. If you pick Lime Green, you’re probably spamming chat with nonsense, and you don’t finish your tasks. Cussing is your forté, appreciated by you alone. Your mind games are weak, and you don’t survive long enough to be sus because people will eject you immediately for being Lime Green.

  • Yellow

Forgettable. Easily spotted, and typically found AFK in Cafeteria. Yellow players are typically not good at Among Us, which is strange because it’s not a game you can typically be good at. It’s a game of mini games, but Yellows still manage to mess it up. You might as well be snorting crayons instead of playing.

among us color tier yellow

  • White

Everyone knows White is going to die first. They’re generally the goody-two-shoes of the lobby, and make it their mission to figure out who’s the Imposter. This reckless mindset always gets them killed, and when they don’t leave the game immediately they’re usually found being salty in ghost chat. Nobody cares if you’re right in ghost chat.

C Tier

  • Cyan

Cyan, Light Blue, Teal, and so on. The fact that players have to juggle between all these color callouts is a mixture of frustration and confusion. The emotional part of me wants to give Cyan an F, but the practical player in me thinks this is a B or A fringe. C Tier was definitely the middle ground. My point being: Cyan players are annoying beyond belief.

Cyan acts like Lime Green, but can play slimier and stealthy. Out of everyone in the Among Us color tier list, these players are the ones you should keep a closer eye on.

Give the man a moment from AmongUs

  • Pink

There’s no way to hide as pink, the brightest and loudest of all the colors. Pink players aren’t bad players, but they clearly don’t care if they’re stealthy or not. Pink takes a huge hit ranking-wise on visibility alone. You have to be insane to want to play as Pink.

  • Orange

Orange usually clowns the lobby. How do you take a color like Orange seriously in Among Us? You can’t. They don’t typically act sus, but still have value for lightening the mood in Emergency Meetings. Pair up with this player since it’s an easily tracked, loud color. Also spooky szn is over, so enough with the pumpkins. It’s Mariah Carey szn.

among us color orange spooky

B Tier

  • Green

Green’s cool as a cucumber. The color pairs with any hat, and slightly blends in enough for it to have a tactical advantage. No matter the role, Green will always make it to the late game. They won’t vote against the popular choice, and are diplomatic in chat. All these little scientifically proven boosts make Green a consistent viable color to use in any game.

  • Red

We get it. Red’s sus. You see them doing tasks but they’re still sus. Medical Bay scan completed with you witnessing it? Sus. Red is a top tier color with a top tier issue: they’re always sus.

Some believe that Red’s more likely to be Imposter, but that has never been proven. Red players should just enjoy always being in the action, no matter how good or bad. Pick Red as your Among Us color if you enjoy being watched.

A Tier

  • Black

Shrouded in secrecy, this is the sneakiest color. Black blends into the dark backgrounds of the map, acting as camouflage for players no matter the role. Black typically orchestrates emergency meetings like a puppet master. Deflection is their favorite tactic whenever accused of anything, and they turn it into an art form. They aren’t consistently sus like Red players, but their strong gameplay makes them a suspect often. This is the elite, and you should treat them as such.

I cry (oc from my gf) from AmongUs

  • Purple

Vent warriors. Every single one of them. These are the consistent Imposters that lurk in an area, get their prize, and vent to the next spot. It’s tough to keep track of Purple given that they’re not typically a color you’d like to make friends with. Don’t overstay your welcome in Security (talking to you, White) because they’ll pick you off before you could hit an Emergency Meeting button.

Purple’s also a dope color in real life, so you can’t go wrong picking this. Barney the Dinosaur is purple and he’s god tier.

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