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The totally objective list of best hats in Among Us

Let’s talk about the most important choice you’ll make in Among Us: hats. Your choice of hat will not increase any stats. A particular hat will not make you more aerodynamic or stealthy. Extra lives will not be granted if you’re a Mom or Dad with Two Kids. What hats will do, is assert your stylish dominance over the rest of the lobby.

Crewmates won’t be able to handle your drip. Imposters will think twice about taking out a clearly superior player based on which hat in Among Us you plan on wearing. Would somebody be willing to eject you if you’re looking that good with your fresh lid? Obviously not.

We take a deep, scientific look at the best (non-DLC) hats in Among Us.

Party Hat

Perfect for any special occasion. Commemorate birthdays, marriages, employment, or even divorces with this festive and jovial hat.

party hat among us

When wearing, make sure to establish party hat rules before the game. If someone doesn’t adhere to the dress code, eject them.

Surgeon mask

It’s labelled as a hat and shall be listed as such! I don’t understand how a surgical mask would provide any protection on top of the space helmet in Among Us, but here we are.

This is a top tier mask if you want everyone to know how sick you are of COVID-19. Not actually sick from COVID-19, but just all the sad vibes.

surgeon mash best hats among us

Old School Goalie mask / Jason mask

This is painfully on brand for fans of the Friday The 13th movies. Jason X was literally about the iconic slasher villain in a spaceship. Relive that god-awful movie and kill your way to the victory screen! You’re forever sus in this mask, and that’s alright.

jason x among us


Phonetically this makes sense. Whoever decided to throw the “b” at the end of “dumb” was clearly screwing with everyone. Regardless, ignorance is a legitimate defense in Among Us. Let the lobby know that it couldn’t be you because you’re too Dum to do it. Big Brain IQ 2000 play right there. Arguably the best Among Us hat.

dum hat among us

Toilet paper roll

If somebody rolled up with a whole toilet paper roll on their head, you immediately know not to mess with them. Either they’re insane, or on some high fashion you’re unaware of.

The dexterity and coordination to run around doing tasks while balancing a roll of toilet paper is intimidating beyond belief.

toilet paper among us

Prison Mike

Tell me this skin wasn’t inspired by The Office. Facial hair aside, the resemblance is uncanny.

Prison Mike Among Us best hats


the worst thing about prison

That’s the list. In case you were wondering, I’m a Pink Guy. If you don’t like the color, that’s too bad.

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