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Animal Crossing players are recreating Breath of the Wild on their islands

The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing are a couple of Nintendo’s most popular and beloved franchises. As of late, some Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have decided to have the best of both worlds and recreate Breath of the Wild in Animal Crossing.

Twitter user Natattack has themed her whole island after Breath of the Wild, recreating iconic settings from Zora’s Domain to Kakariko Village and more.

The Lover’s Pond, Lurelin Village and even these adorable Stone Pebblits make an appearance as well. The island has gone through many changes in order to accommodate these locations. She’s created locations like the Gerudo market only to later take them down to make way for new projects – like the aforementioned Kakariko village. 

The patience and dedication required to do all this is incredible and I applaud her. I shudder at the thought of even having to assemble, destroy, then rebuild these locations. And the bells she put have spent moving everything around over and over? That’s gonna be a yikes from me.

Her Animal Crossing / Breath of the Wild crossover content goes beyond just locations, too. She has also recreated items like the Snowquill armor and even the Sheikah pedestal for use on her island, and yours too! 

Natattack isn’t alone in creating BOTW content for her island of course. If you’re interested in Breath of the Wild and Animal Crossing, be sure to also check out Kairi. She’s a Twitch streamer and New Horizons content creator who’s remade places like the cozy Rito Village and Great Fairy Fountains. 

It’s this kind of creativity and these types of projects that keep Animal Crossing: New Horizons fun and interesting for everyone. 

…while also making some people extremely jealous. People like me. Right now.

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  1. Hot damn, that’s amazing, people are doing amazing things like this while my island looks like well an we’ll kempt but lacking mess.

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