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Everything to catch before October ends in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Southern Hemisphere

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is going to see another change to its wildlife when October ends. There are a lot of critters leaving the Southern Hemisphere. I will tell you what you need to catch for your Museum and Critterpedia before they are gone. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere do not worry, I got an article covering what you need to know.

Now let’s take a look at what you need to be on the lookout for, starting with bugs. There is only one bug leaving, and that is the Tarantula. These critters spawn on the ground between 7pm-4am. Be aware that Tarantulas are dangerous and can knock you out if they feel threatened. When this happens, you will be sent back home, or to the docks if you are on a Mystery Island, making them a tricky critter to catch.

Not only that, but they are also quite rare. Your best bet to find a Tarantula easily is to go to a Mystery Island, and ideally one without rivers, ponds, and hills.

tarantula model

Once on a Mystery Island, cut down all the trees, remove the stumps, and pick all the flowers and weeds. Then drop everything on the stones at either end of the beach. You can also dig some holes if you want, since Tarantulas will get stuck on them.

Now you just walk around the island and wait for a Tarantula to spawn. When you finally see one, ready your net but do not move quite yet.

You want to look closely at the Tarantula. If it has its front legs up, then you do not want to move. As soon as it has all legs on the ground, this means its guard is down – now you can slowly inch your way towards the Tarantula. Be ready to stop in your tracks the second the Tarantula puts its legs up again.

By taking it slow, you can catch a Tarantula every time guaranteed!


Now let’s take a look at all the fish that are leaving, which are only ocean fish this time around. The Dab is a fish that can be caught at any time and has a size 3 shadow. If you fish regularly, you probably have caught this one a few times already. If you do not have it yet, it will be a breeze to catch.

The other two fish however will be much harder. These are the Blue Marlin and Tuna, which only spawn off piers and have a size 6 shadow. Since they have such a large shadow, they are easy to identify. The real trick is trying to find one, though.

I recommend you gather as much fish bait as possible and go to a Mystery Island. On the Mystery Island you can throw fish bait off the pier the plane lands at to get these rare fish. If you do not have any bait, or you run out, then just scare away all the ocean fish around the island. Since Mystery Islands have a faster spawn rate for fish, it is easier to get one to respawn at the pier.


With bugs and fish covered, it is now time for the deep sea creatures leaving. These are the Sea Cucumber, Snow Crab, and Spider Crab. The Sea Cucumber can be found at any time, has a medium shadow, and moves slowly as you approach it. This makes the Sea Cucumber the easiest to catch of these critters.

The Snow Crab can be found at any time, has a large shadow, and moves quickly with short lunges when approached. Finally, the Spider Crab can also be found at any time, has a huge shadow, and moves quickly.

For the Snow Crab and Spider Crab, you may have some trouble capturing them. Not only are they rare, but they move so fast that you can never catch up to them by swimming after them. Instead, you must try to sneak up on them. To do this you will want to swim slowly towards their shadow, without pressing A.

diving for critters animal crossing new horizons october

Only do this after confirming that the shadow moves too fast for you to catch. The shadow will move away from you first as you slowly approach it. However, eventually it will stay still. Continue to slowly position yourself over the shadow, and then dive once on top of it. Then you will easily catch these fast critters!

If you have any trouble finding them on your own island, then go to a Mystery Island. These islands have faster spawn rates for all critters.

There you have it, everything leaving the Southern Hemisphere at the end of October in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With all this information you will easily catch everything before time is up. Good luck filling out your Critterpedia and Museum. Remember to stay tuned for more guides on Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

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