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Hellmann’s island in Animal Crossing lets you expire turnips for a good cause

Virtual veggies, real meals

Have you ever missed a Sunday after buying turnips and wondered “Well, now what am I going to do with all these rotten veggies?” You’re in luck, Hellmann’s island — yes, that Hellmann’s — is now open for business.

In a surprising but well thought out move, Hellmann’s will now donate a meal for every spoiled turnip dropped off. All you have to do is send a direct message on Twitter and book a time-slot. Once you arrive on Hellmann’s Island, head over to the turnip depot and drop off your rotten root-vegetables. Now they do mean every turnip, meaning you donate up to 40 meals per visit to the island. I don’t know about you, but this has me really excited.

By the way, they do have their own merch.

If you’re one of those economy crashers buying up thousands of turnips, you now run into a moral dilemma. You can sell those turnips, lining your pockets, knowing you could be making a difference… or you could purposely let them spoil, losing bells in the process, but donating towards a good cause.

This island turns turnips into REAL meals for CHARITY!

I’m a really big fan of this because it checks a few boxes I didn’t know I had. Firstly — it gives spoiled turnips a purpose. Whether you forgot to sell or just couldn’t make it, Hellmann’s Island lets you get rid of them in a responsible and helpful way. Secondly — it lends real world consequences to your virtual shenanigans. I’d love to see more real-world integration with Animal Crossing. It’d be fun to see how brands can interact with players in the future through islands and activities. That said, this door wasn’t necessarily opened by Hellmann’s.

Remember that time PETA protested the museum back in May? It wasn’t exactly well received, and was mostly played off as a joke. But we should be on the lookout for more stuff like this in the future — for every Hellmann’s, we must fear a PETA.

Can’t wait to see the RAID: Shadow Legends island make an appearance, though.

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