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How to cosplay JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in Animal Crossing

Only till Golden Wind though cause I'm a filthy anime watcher

So you’re sitting in your room, waiting for news on the Stone Ocean anime when suddenly it hits you. “I’m already thinking about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in everyday life, why not incorporate it into my Animal Crossing island?”

Ok… well uh as oddly specific as that is, why not? I guess while you’re at it, I may as well try to help you with that. So here are some of the creator and creation codes so you can cosplay as your favourite Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure heroes and villains — and best girls — in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Warning: There will be spoilers ahead

We’re starting off strong here with everyone’s favourite Jo-Bro:


This may seem like just any simple-looking suit combo. But this actually belongs to Robert E. O. Speedwagon himself, ally to the Joestar bloodline and founder of the ever-present Speedwagon foundation. Pair this little number up with the “cropped pants” and a top hat and you’re suddenly one of the richest men in the JJBA universe.

That’s it, that’s the list. It’s just Speedwagon 9 more times. Thanks for stopping by.

Giorno Giovanna

Giorno has some of the weirder lineage in the Joestar line, but is a Jojo nonetheless. Here in full glory, you can have his signature purple outfit in game – t*tty window and all. This might be cheating a little bit – but the same creator has TONS of other characters and even face paints for you to try on.

I should mention that most of these will need cropped pants so that you’re actually like… wearing pants.

Tunnel hair not included

Joseph Joestar

Our second main Jojo, Joseph Joestar, is interesting as he’s one of the only Jojo’s to make it through multiple parts. He’s somehow still alive, though with what he’s been through, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking otherwise. Joseph has three different main outfits from three parts – Battle Tendency, Stardust Crusaders, and Diamond is Unbreakable.

Unfortunately, I could only find part two and three – but I’ll keep searching for a senile-Joseph outfit dammit. There’s also the Tequila Joseph outfit… which you can find here.

Joseph Joestar ACNH

Also does anyone else find that Stardust Crusaders Joseph kinda resembles The Man with the Yellow Hat?

Lisa Lisa

JJBA has a notable lack of female characters, with most being relegated to smaller supporting roles. What I really mean is that there are tons more men than there are women, but the women are equally badass.

Case in point is Lisa Lisa – Hamon teacher and secret mama of Joseph Joestar – awkward as that was to find out.


Yoshikage Kira

If you’ve got a thing for hands, then I’ve got an outfit for you. Here we have Yoshikage Kira, resident quiet life desirer and secretive serial killer? Yeah, dunno why you would want this outfit but here ya go. Just don’t go touching anything.

Josuke Higashikata

Josuke Higashikata is a Jojo – even though his westernized name doesn’t reflect it – and he has the power to prove it. He sports a stylized – and kinda baggy – school uniform and a pompadour which is pretty out of style. Just don’t insult his hair or he’ll break every bone in your body, fix it, then do it again.

Jotaro Kujo – Parts 3,4/5 and 6

Jotaro Kujo is protagonist of part three and powerhouse extraordinaire. Seeing as we have him in three different outfits across four different parts, it’s only fair that I show you all three.

I should mention though, one of the outfits available to purchase from the Able sisters is either just a regular schoolboy outfit – or it’s a Jojo reference. You may have seen it already ;).

Jotaro Kujo ACNH

Bruno Bucciarati

A t*tty window, polka dots and fierce protectiveness make Bruno Bucciarati one of the most iconic characters across all of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Now, you can push him on your friends even more than you already were!

Animal Crossing Bruno Bucciarati

Trish Una

Daughter and subsequent target of the boss of Passione, Trish went from spoiled and selfish to determined and loyal to help her bodyguards-turned-allies in Team Bucciarati.

Trish Una ACNH

Dio Brando

Here we have it, the man nobody can seem to kill. Dio Brando is everyone’s favorite vampire — unless you ask my girlfriend, in which case no, I can’t include Twilight characters on this list.

Famous for rejecting his humanity and gaining a time-stopping stand – as well as a new body – Dio is most famous for one thing and one thing only. He’s weirdly sexy for a sociopath. Also, fair warning: he’s like 100% evil in a way that makes you like him.

And lastly, Jean-Pierre Polnareff

Welcome to Turtle Beach! The shell stools look like little turtle shells so I made little turtle bodies for them to sit on 🤩 from AnimalCrossing

If you’re a big Jojo fan you should also consider joining the Jojo AC codes subreddit – the more active it gets the more JJBA content you may find there. There’s also the regular ACQR subreddit for pretty much anything else you may want to have in Animal Crossing! And before you go, be sure to check out this cool recreation of Stand Proud!

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure but it's made with Animal Crossing [OP]

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