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3 Apex Legends changes hidden in the Lost Treasures patch

As is tradition with Apex Legends, not all the changes introduced in the latest Lost Treasures patch were listed in the official patch notes. Did you notice that there’s a Charge Tower in the firing range now? This makes practicing your ults there a little easier, and it’s only one of the things Respawn snuck in on us with the patch.

Ammo stacks are different in Armed & Dangerous

The not-really-new limited time mode Armed & Dangerous features only shotguns and snipers, and the ammo stacks for these weapons have been adjusted accordingly. Shotgun ammo stacks are changed in size to 28 per backpack slot, up from 16 in standard Apex Legends. Conversely, sniper ammo stacks are down to 14 per slot, from also 16.

I would really hope to see this change brought to the regular Apex Legends modes, to rein in snipers a bit more since they are currently one of the more obnoxious parts of the game.

Apex Legends changes

Lifeline still finds extra supplies in blue bins

Just like Mirage got to keep his original passive in addition to his new one at the start of Season 5, so does Lifeline now. Even though Lifeline’s patch notes explicitly state that her new Combat Revive passive “fully replaces” her old one, the part of her old passive which allowed her to find additional supplies in hidden compartments on blue bins is untouched.

Caustic throws Nox canisters faster

We know that Nox canisters can now be shot in mid-air, but that new mechanic arrived with a twist not mentioned in the patch notes. When throwing his canisters, Caustic now puts a little spin on them, which makes them somewhat easier to sneak through the bars of windows.

More importantly, Caustic seems to recover from the throwing animation faster, which makes deploying Nox traps mid-combat less risky.

Apex legends changes caustic nox canister barrel

Fun new bugs

In addition to the regular and undocumented changes, the Lost Treasures patch arrived with its own selection of new bugs, which is fairly standard for Apex Legends. One of the more out-there bugs is the new Wraith skin not having a detectable head hitbox, which Respawn is already investigating. I am sure they will resolve it quickly, but I am really bugged by the revelation that Legend skins can have custom hitboxes.

I recommend you keep an eye on the Apex Legends Wiki page for additional undocumented changes found in this patch. Their team is really good at hunting down this type of stuff.

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