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6 reasons the pet Prowlers should stay in Apex Legends

They protecc, they attacc, they always got your bacc

Apex Legends changed up this year’s Fight or Fright event by adding pet Shadow Prowlers into the mix. These Prowlers show up to help rather than hinder your fight, but sadly we only have them during the event. I’m here to tell you why they should be a permanent feature in Apex Legends.

Prowlers don’t go AFK

The shadow Prowlers show up for extra protection and come in especially handy when they appear to replace disconnected teammates. This doesn’t solve the problem of early leavers, but it helps. The Prowler isn’t super overpowered either. It hunts enemies and poses the same threat as a regular shadow – dangerous, but with its own limits.

Can’t camp with a raging beast giving it away

The Prowlers are kind of – how you say – loud as ever loving s**t. This is actually a good thing, as it not only dissuades campers, but theoretically eliminates them completely. You can’t really stay put inside a building with a Prowler growling outside. I mean you could, but it would be a small miracle for nobody to realize that you were hidden there.

Apex Legends Shadow Prowler

EA can make money! And we think EA likes money

Adding Prowlers into Apex Legends permanently adds the option to offer Prowler cosmetics. Imagine your Prowler gets dropped onto the battlefield, coated in flame paint with chains around its neck. My point, is you could possibly customize your Prowler the same way you customize your character and weapons. This lets players spice up their Prowler to meet their vain needs, and it would make the studio some money in the process.

Prowlers are sort of like the middle man

Prowlers are really good at walking that line between working towards the good of a team, and doing the most random s**t. They are not the perfect team players, but they do what they without communication – which means that unlike almost everything else in Apex Legends, Prowlers don’t benefit premade squads more than they do solo queuers.

Helpful for vets and noobs alike

A good thing about Prowlers is that they help newer players by acting as distraction and meatshields. Veteran players won’t have issues with Prowlers aside from minor annoyances, so it works out perfectly for both sides.

Apex Legends prowler
I mean honestly, these things are huge. Why would you want to f**k with these?

They’re not ideal, but balance is key

So, they’re not without their own drawbacks. They’re loud and huge and can give away your position pretty easily. This means that you may have a hard time recovering after a big fight, as your pet will draw enemies right to you.

That said, a good way to balance this out would be making Prowlers optional pets. It’s weird to say, but what if they were “crafted” at a Replicator rather than just spawning in? This would make them a deliberate decision with actual cost. They of course can still spawn in for free if your squad experiences a disconnect – as those are extenuating circumstances.

Another option would be to expand on Bloodhound’s town takeover.  Prowler dens could appear throughout the map, and if your squad tames one you get to have them as an ally for the rest of the game.

Just something to consider, Respawn

Personally, I really like the Prowlers and I think they could seriously shake up Apex Legends as we know it. I mean, we’re already getting vehicles in Season 7, so anything is possible now. Imagine riding in your hover-truck with a pet Prowler in the back seat, barking at other cars and stuff? Come on.

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