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All the Apex Legends Season 5 legend changes you should know about

For better or for worse? You decide

Apex Legends Season 5 brings tons of new changes for almost all of the legends. The patch notes mentions that there are more tweaks on the horizon as well, including something to make Octane more of a team player.

Here’s everything you’ll want to know about — especially if you’re a Pathfinder main.

Recon redone

We’re starting off with Bloodhound. Bless the Allfather, for Bloodhound’s scan duration is increasing from three to four seconds. Furthermore, the scan cooldown is now 10 seconds shorter, so you can scan more often and for longer, which will hopefully help you stop getting caught off guard.

Crypto’s drone now has the ability to ping banners, letting your teammates know to keep their eyes open. This will come in handy when that pesky detection distance gets in the way of your Intel.

Bloodhound Buff Season 5
This meme was for Bloodhound’s last buff, but it’s appropriate here too. By u/tranquili-tea on Reddit

Deployable downpour

Lifeline’s special bins now show up 20% of the time, but they no longer have a chance to drop knockdown shields. Which is, uh, good?

Caustic’s gas no longer slows teammates, so I guess he finally brought gas masks for everybody. And you no longer have to worry about triggering a canister from the wrong side of a door either. According to the patch notes these changes are a bit of an experiment on the designer side, with the hope being that they don’t trigger any “degenerate” behavior.

My favorite speed demon, Octane still has more changes in the works. But for now, we can make use of his launch pad every minute. The old cooldown was 90 seconds, and let me tell you, this new cooldown is *amazing*. Having a new jump pad to use every minute in every fight is hilarious. We have more to look forward though as the designers are hoping to make Octane more team-oriented in the future.

Gibby got shafted a bit, as his dome now only lasts 12 seconds as opposed to the regular 18. We lose six beautiful seconds of shielded bliss, but all in all this seems like a healthy change. And also, let’s be honest – if enemies wanted to rush you, they would.

Grovelling grappler

Last but not least we have Robo-Spider-Man. Get your tissues out boys and girls, because Pathfinder’s grapple cooldown has gone up 20 AGONIZING seconds. Instead of swinging between buildings, free as a bird, he’s now more like a chicken. He definitely can make some distance, but he’ll walking more often than not. 

Apex Coffin Dance | 200K special |

Sorry Pathy.

And that’s about it…for now

All of these changes are sure to change the meta for better or worse, we’ll just have to wait and see. And you may be asking “what about Wraith?” To that I say, they already lost Skulltown, haven’t Wraith players been through enough?

I should mention that Mirage has also been reworked, finally. All I’ll say is that, while he was fun before with his quips and attitude, Mirage is now actually viable and won’t just get you killed as soon as you drop.

What do you think about the changes? Personally I’m fine with them, mostly because I don’t play Pathfinder anymore. But I can see where these may throw some players off for a little while. Apex Legends is sure to see more changes in the future, so don’t get too comfortable.

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