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Apex Legends’ Octane isn’t a team player, and that’s fine

All aboard the Octrain

Respawn has recently stated their intention to give Apex Legends’fast boi of note Octane more team utility. It makes sense, considering how the most he does for his team is launch them a few hundred feet in any given direction. I don’t actually mind that, though.

More Octane changes are coming soon

If you’re interested in Apex Legends — which realistically I don’t know why you’d be reading this if you weren’t — you may have seen another article on this site about how Respawn may choose to buff Octane in the future. 

I main Octane, and I love him as is. He fits a really specific playstyle as an ultra-mobile damage dealer. I like to think of and play him the same way I play Warwick, or how I treat Borderlands as a whole. I like to treat Octane as the embodiment of bold, adventurous chaos that he is. Whatever problems you may have with Octane, I feel his personality more than makes up for it.

His whole kit is centered around launching into a fight with full confidence, for better or for worse. Aaaaand if that fight happens to go south, you can burn through what little health you had left to get as far away as you possibly can.

Maybe a few tweaks here and there could make for a more team-oriented Octane, but that doesn’t really seem like his schtick. Creative players have found ways to make him more useful to the team, but not quite in ways you’d expect. 

The correct use of Octane’s jump pad from apexlegends

Team rotation is arguably a “good enough” form of team utility when it comes to Octane. Octane can be used to help your team escape or to throw them into a fight for the element of surprise. You can even use yourself as a distraction, lapping the enemy team while giving your mates a chance to breathe. See? Octane has plenty utility!

But I have to admit, legends like Pathfinder and Wraith kind of have rotation covered already, and in relatively subtler ways too. Zipline beats out the jump pad in the noise department, unfortunately.

For some time now, players have been making suggestions on social media to make Octane more “viable”. The ones that stand out to me are not the mini-reworks most people pitch, but rather the ones that would makes his current self better:

What do you guys think? All Constructive Feedback Welcome! from octanemains

Personally I feel these would be great changes, just not in the direction Respawn wanted. They would, however, let Octane heal more over time and be less of a health-based burden on his team. Octane does seem to have some history with Lifeline though, so maybe could get a secret new passive if he has a Lifeline by his side? The jump pad change is the most intriguing to me. It would turn Octane into the ultimate escape and repositioning machine. 

All in all, Octane really seems to have been designed to focus on himself, and I’m fine with that. It’s been proven that his kit can be used to aid his team… it just usually isn’t done on purpose. I like and enjoy him as is. I’m honestly a little afraid that in the pursuit of making Octane a team player, Respawn may ruin everything that makes him great.

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