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Apex Legends players are sleeping on the Hemlok

The Hemlok is the strongest and most overlooked gun in its class

Ask any Apex Legends player what weapons they think are overpowered and you will hear mostly the same answers. Peacekeeper, R-99, Charge Rifle even after the nerfs. The Wingman is always an honourable mention. These days the Scout is getting a lot more attention, too. But there is one gun which has consistently gone under everyone’s radar since launch. Most Apex Legends players still don’t consider the Hemlok assault rifle to be a valid choice. Let’s re-examine that assumption.

For starters, the Hemlok is extremely deadly up-close. After its Season 3 damage buff, it now hits for 66 damage, or 132 with headshots. This is some of the highest burst any Apex Legends gun currently offers. While the poison of its namesake plant could take hours to take effect, Apex’ Hemlok kills very fast. This heavy up-front damage makes the gun extremely useful for corner-peeking.

More importantly, due to its extreme hipfire accuracy, the Hemlok does not require you to aim down sights to hit. This gives it an edge over any other AR or sniper. With a Hemlok, you can retain full mobility and field of vision and still land your shots from the hip.

Apex Legends Hemlok Ryan Lastimosa Titanfall design
The original Hemlok design from Titanfall, by Ryan Lastimosa.

As good as it is up close, the Hemlok makes a perfect off-duty sniper. It deals full headshot damage at up to 300 meters, which is more than enough, even of World’s Edge. While it has comparable projectile speed to the R-301 carbine, it tends to land more shots at longer range. That fact, combined with its burst damage, allows the Hemlok to competently rival actual Apex Legends DMRs like the Longbow.

As a final point in its favor, the Hemlok is very ammo efficient and doesn’t need parts to perform well. All you need is an optic that suits your taste and you are good to go hunting. Still not convinced? We suggest you give the gun a shot in your next match. You just might surprise yourself.

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