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Apex Legends should add this lad next

After the bait and switch, Apex Legends finally officially revealed Revenant, the most anticipated new legend since Crypto, Wattson and Octane. Following months of speculation, teasers and leaks, we got to meet the monster behind the monster.

The new legend received a dramatic reveal, which outlined not only his horrific abilities, but his fractured personality and complex backstory. Inside a simulacrum body built to kill, Revenant is a man stuck in his own perpetual nightmare. Loosely tettered to his humanity by memories, he seems to be driven forward by an obsessive grudge against the Hammond corporation, which he blames for his sorry state.

Apex Legends Season 4 – Official Assimilation Cinematic Launch Trailer

Now, let me direct your attention to this guy.

Bodyguard Apex Legends trailer

Yes, the nameless bodyguard who stepped up to Revenant with a P2016 and got his neck snapped. That’s who I nominate for the next Apex Legend.

I don’t know what your personal definition of heroism is, but I am infinitely more impressed with the qualities displayed by that character, who I will call Bodyguard #6. The last scene of the trailer was dedicated to Revenant’s internal struggle, yet all I could think about was how Bodyguard #6 had stepped up.

Revenant is cool. Not just cool, he is deep: his backstory will likely underpin future developments in Apex Legends lore. But it doesn’t take a lot to be him – he’s already strong beyond any human measure, and he’s operating on obsession rather than reason or passion. Compared to that, I prefer the humanity and simple sense of duty of Bodyguard #6.

Right before engaging Revenant, he had seen his opponent throw people around like pillows, put his arm through someone, and turn into an indestructible smoke demon. And yet, Bodyguard #6 just walked up and took a swing.

Apex Legends revenant next

This is why I want him in the game. I associate with his simple-minded determination, his lack of nuance, and his suicidal courage. He hears “Go!”, and he goes. Admittedly to his death, but that’s fine.

Don’t get me wrong. I know Respawn won’t include Bodyguard #6 in Apex Legends in any form. I also understand that out of all the character concepts from the Titanfall universe, this one is the least flashy. But that’s why I like him.

I realize that his entire role in the grand scheme of Apex Legends was to be big and dumb and to die. And that just makes me identify with him even more. After all, I’ve mained Gibraltar since day one.

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