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Apex Legends’ vehicles render Octane useless in Season 7

Justice for Octane

Okay so I’m not trying to be melodramatic, but Respawn is seriously trying to f**k Octane players over with the vehicles in Apex Legends Season 7.

No, for real, hear me out here. Octane was introduced to the games really early on, like right at the start of Season 1. Since then he’s been pretty popular, especially among chaotic speed-chasers like me. His whole purpose is running fast and flying high, but the new Tridents kind of render him useless, don’t they? For the longest time Octane was unparalleled if you wanted a speed advantage. Now he’s no longer the fastest option, and his whole deal is watered down.

Olympus – beautiful, expansive, oppressive, unfaithful

Looking at the overview for Olympus and the trailers for Season 7, it really looks like the map was built for this new mode of transport. That means large, open spaces and avenues big enough for vehicular mayhem. Octane is meant to function well in open spaces, running fast away from danger, or toward it.

Apex Legends Season 7 – Ascension Launch Trailer

I’m pretty surprised Respawn even included vehicles. Introducing vehicles into this mix means that those gaps will get bigger and bigger, making a vehicle necessary. This is of course unless they’re actively telling me Octane’s speed is comparable to that of the Trident. In which case, why even bother?

I’d love to say that I can combo pretty well – sprinting alongside the Trident, gunning down enemy squads, then quickly hopping back in with a jump pad, but again, if I can do that, why would I ride in a car? The only potential saving grace I can see here is if Octane proves to be more maneuverable than the cars and emerges as a sort of anti-vehicular meta pick. Big doubt on that.

There have been many protests against cars and vehicles of the like in the past, and now is no different. I’m officially announcing my protest against the Tridents in Apex Legends for the sake of Octane mains everywhere. Octane for president 2733, and down with the vehicles.

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