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Crafting is an opportunity for Apex Legends to up its loot game

Apex Legends Season 6 is almost here, and as we get closer we learn more and more about what’s to come — like the new crafting system. We still don’t know much about how it’ll work, but I think this is a good opportunity for Respawn to introduce a bunch of new hop-ups and other gear.

It’s easy to assume that Respawn could draw inspiration from — or copy entirely — the systems from other games like Hyper Scape. Hyper Scape’s fusion system would be a simplistic yet fitting way to keep the matches interesting in Apex. This system would allow players to still gain worthwhile loot, even when you’re not running down everyone in sight.

This comes with consequences — allowing lower-skilled players to have a shot in later fights, but also promoting a vulture culture. 

Hyper Scape fusion
Pick up duplicates of the same weapon or hack to fuse it to a higher level version.

Warzone’s system is a little different, allowing you to spend currency on upgrades, or even to respawn dead teammates. In this case, materials could take the place of currency. Gather materials, spend them for attachments, gear, ammo or anything else. We may even see the return of previously vaulted hop-ups like the Disruptor Rounds or Turbocharger.

While I would still love to see either or both of these systems incorporated into Apex, there are issues surrounding them. We’ll explore those problems another time. For now, I want to focus on the possibilities surrounding the crafting system. 

We all know about the existing attachments, vaulted hop-ups, and everything in between. But a new season is always a time for big change. We’re getting a new map, Legend, gun and crafting system. Why not add onto that and introduce a bunch of new crafting-specific attachments? Respawn can add a few at the start and release some more steadily over the course of the season. 

It doesn’t have to be limited to attachments or hop-ups. If they want to get spicy, we can even consider new ammo-types or armors. Imagine sacrificing a portion of your energy and shotgun ammo in order to create a scatter-shot. Now you can flush out that enemy squad that turned a shack into a bunker. The main question is, do you use the same inventory for crafting materials? Or do you get a new category for materials collected around the map — similar to Fortnite? Depending on how the system works out, we could get either one.

In any case, I am excited to see how Respawn aims to implement crafting in Apex Legends. As of now, the only mention of crafting in the game were the crafting metals and heirloom shards used to purchase cosmetics.

We are still waiting on details to come out regarding crafting, but this is a big opportunity for Respawn either way. Rather than copy a system that people are familiar with, why not stand out and create something new? Sure, crafting exists in one form or another in many battle royales, but what if we had *spicy crafting*?

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