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Everything announced for Apex Legends at EA Play 2020

Respawn has a lot of changes brewing for Apex Legends

EA Play 2020 just wrapped up, and at the head of the presentation we got an update from Respawn regarding Apex Legends and the upcoming Lost Treasures event. Lost Treasures is the new midseason event, which introduces Crypto’s town takeover and a few other changes to the game.

Crypto’s town takeover takes place next to Repulsor – and the tower that Crypto is responsible for blowing up. Here players can access Crypto’s Map Room, a place where the incognito hacker – and his new mustache – can keep tabs on various happenings throughout King’s Canyon.

We don’t have any details on how this new takeover will play out, but going off Bloodhound’s takeover, we are guessing it may lead to rare loot. We’re also still waiting to uncover the secret to what’s in those bunkers which remain locked. There have been rumours that these are legendary loot vaults – similar to the underground bunker under the old Skulltown cliffs. Bunkers seem to be the new craze in battle royales this year.

There’s a countdown appeared at one of the bunkers. from apexlegends

There’s also the new limited time mode: Armed and Dangerous Evolved. Similarly to the first Armed and Dangerous mode from last year’s Voidwalker event, this mode will limit players to the use of sniper rifles and shotguns only – but with a couple of new twists. There are no more respawn beacons, and all armor is evo armor.

There are new toys to play with as well. Players will be getting a mobile respawn beacon at the beginning of each match, giving them the ability to choose when and where to bring their allies back from the dead. And once the event is over, we’ll see the beacons make their way to the main game as well.

Speaking of bringing people back, it looks like Lifeline is getting a buff to her D.O.C. As seen in the teaser, D.O.C can now be deployed to revive downed teammates, shield and all, while Lifeline fights off attackers.

We’ll also be getting new skins and cosmetics – like Crypto’s mustache which he’s weirdly rocking by the way – and a brand new prize track. The prize track will feature some of the skins from the trailer as well as others, all centered around treasures from lost civilizations.

I should also mention that Mirage is receiving an heirloom! In true Mirage fashion, it’s of course a trophy of himself wearing a crown and cape. It totally gives me Clue vibes.

Last but not least, Apex Legends is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch, with crossplay coming this fall! It’ll be interesting to see how Respawn implements this – but that’s a subject for another article.

Lost Treasures drops on June 23, and hopefully by then some of the newly raised questions will be answered – like just who that voice coming through on Crypto’s drone was. His lore suggests that it’s his missing and presumed dead foster sister Mila Alexander, whose murder he was framed for.

Another mystery is exactly what will happen next in The Broken Ghost storyline. In the teaser for Lost Treasures, Revenant is heard saying “I might bury you here. No one will ever know. You’ll just be…gone.” I won’t spoil what chapter five holds, but Revenant may very well make good on his threat.

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