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Everything you need to know about Apex Legends’ Loba

The fifth season of Apex Legends, dubbed Fortune’s Favor, has launched. Bringing a ton of new changes to the game, the most exciting of which is the introduction of Loba. Standing as the 13th Legend on the roster, Loba is sure to spice up team compositions, adding new elements to the gameplay.

As with prior Legend introductions, Loba’s arrival uncovers additional lore Respawn created for its free battle royale title. Voiced by Fryda Wolff, Loba brings a ton of charisma to the game through her in-game dialogue. We’ll take a look at Loba’s past, and what set her off on the trajectory to become a part of the Apex Legends cast.

Loba’s backstory

Loba’s story actually begins during Revenant’s Season 4 cinematic trailer. During the simulacrum hitman’s introduction, he is seen taking a bounty to track down and kill Marcos Andrade. As we catch up with Marcos, it’s immediately evident that he is actually a family man with a young daughter. It turns out this nine-year-old girl is Loba herself. Following a shootout, Revenant ultimately drops Marcos to his death, where Loba finds and mourns him.

Picking up 25 years later, Loba has spent the majority of her time learning to become a proficient pickpocket and survive by her wits. At some point she has managed to break into a secret top facility and discovered the Jump Drive technology that allows her to teleport and obtain hard to reach items, becoming the go-to person for acquiring valuables in the Outlands.

Apex Legends Loba

Loba finds solace in this new lifestyle for quite some time. However, when she discovers Revenant has joined the Apex games, her thirst for revenge boils over. Catching up with the Fortune Favor launch trailer, Loba infiltrates a compound housing many of Revenant’s synthetic bodies.

Throughout her destructive tear in the compound, Loba is eventually ambushed. Fighting her way out, her actions end up blowing up the underground facility under Skull Town and Thunderdome. After barely making it out alive, she is joined by the Legends and enters the games.

Loba’s abilities

For all intents and purposes, Loba is a master of pickpocketing. This is reflected in her in-game abilities quite well. Respawn have found a creative way of showcasing those abilities in a way that benefits the player and their squad.

Apex Legends Loba

First off, her Burglar’s Best Friend tactical ability allows Loba to throw her teleport to it’s landing spot. This is quite effective at helping her get out of harm’s way and reach hard-to-reach areas. Loba’s bracelet can be thrown at a maximum distance of 87 meters and can be forced to stop midair and drop, resulting in an instant targeted teleport.

Loba’s Eye for Quality passive ability is quite handy when looting larger areas of the map. Like the cat burglar she is, Loba can scan and locate epic and legendary items through walls so as to not miss any during travel. Once located, Loba can then claim those items for herself or mark them for her team.

Apex Legends Loba

Finally, Loba’s Black Market Boutique ultimate ability can assist teammates in a squeeze. When placing down her Black Market staff, nearby loot (regardless of rarity) will be gathered and pulled into an inventory system. The range at which items are acquired is the same as that of Loba’s passive detection range: 78 meters.

Black Market Boutique can make short work out of looting an area, letting Loba’s squad cover more ground quickly, while not missing a valuable weapon or piece of munition. However, to balance its strengths, teammates will only be able to pick up two items. The ability is also not very subtle, producing a loud blast and a rather large visual flare on activation. The Black Market Boutique staff can also be destroyed – it only has 100 HP. Finally, enemies can also use it, which makes it important for Loba to collapse her Boutique when her squad’s finished with it.

Class and final thoughts

Loba is classified as a support Legend and based on her abilities, she definitely fits the profile. Improvements to looting strategies haven’t been touched on by the other Legends, so Loba’s skills are refreshing. It’s still uncertain of where Loba will fall in terms of ranking against the other 12 Legends. For now, players are running rampant experimenting with different team composition, and I’m sure many will find a way to utilize Loba in interesting ways as Apex Legends Season 5 unfolds.

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