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Finding the Apex Legends Firing Range Easter Egg

How Apex players solved one of the game's biggest mysteries

The Buddha once said that there are “three things that cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth”. The fourth thing that also cannot be long hidden is a video game Easter Egg. The newest conquest added to the gaming community’s collection of uncovered secrets and unlockables is Apex Legends’ Firing Range Easter Egg.

Players had attempted unsuccessfully to solve the secret for an entire week, a record-long time for this type of thing. The search really heated up after Respawn game developer Rayme Vinson and game designer Chad Armstrong started dropping hints on Twitter.

“Four simple things about you need to be true if they’re true when you ******, the thing happens!” The first hint was cryptic enough to not be helpful at all. However, it predictably whipped up the Apex Legends community into a frenzy of curiosity. After an entire day of players running experiments in Apex Legends’ Gun Range, the developers were nice enough to reword the original riddle. This didn’t help a whole lot.  “There once was a man from Alaska, “find my Easter Egg” was the challenge he did task ya which, in order to do, four simple things must be true. Then you ******, and the Egg is unmasked-uh.”

Apex Legends Firing Range clue Chad Armstrong

Thanks to Reddit user Lord_Spinkingham, who compiled all of the hints into a single Reddit post, intrepid Apex sleuths could compare notes and consolidate their investigations and narrow down their search. Based on the clues dropped by the developers, players defined a set of “rules”. These are the requirements for unlocking the Easter Egg, as outlined below.

  1. The riddle was interpreted as stating that players needed to find a combination of four variables.
  2. Health is not a variable and neither is legend choice.
  3. It can be unlocked by a solo player.
  4. A fresh new account could unlock it – there are no prerequisites in terms of cosmetics, experience, or unlocks.
  5. Game settings don’t matter.

Using only this set of directives, the Apex Legends community went to work. And on December 4, Reddit user ‘Maddazefc’ finally found the Firing Range Easter Egg.

EE firing range from apexlegends

In the end, the solution was fairly straightforward. Players would need to drop their starting P2020 and make their way to the far-left cave in the Firing Range, then make their way up to the middle of the catwalk shortly after walking into the tunnel. Afterwards, all it takes is crouching and changing to any other legend. If done correctly, players should hear a sound queue and when they go back down to the Firing Range floor, they’ll find three AI-controlled bots. Specifically, the red target dummies would come to life, albeit not in an overly imposing way.

With Vinson’s confirmation on Twitter, players could finally put the Apex Legends Firing Range mystery to bed. However, with rumors of a Holiday LTM featuring Mirage, players should probably remain vigilant. Apex Legend’s favorite joker may just have some tricks up his holographic-sleeve. Perhaps this new Easter Egg is a sign of a PvE mode coming to Apex Legends? We’ll have to wait and see.

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