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How to get the most out of Apex Legends finishers

Flashy, functional, and fatal

Finishers are the most stylish way to thirst people in Apex Legends. Aside from looking cool, they actually serve a purpose in the heat of battle.

Each legend has multiple finishers – the default one, and a couple more which can be purchased and look a little cooler. Aside from confirming a kill and looking cool, finishers have actual usefulness: they refill your shields and save you some ammo. (Side note: stop shooting the damn knockdown shields, I’ve seen players get run down wasting a whole mag on one shield. It’s not fun.) And it’s not all about the finisher itself, but also about how you use it.

When going for a finisher, consider a few things first. Is there another enemy player nearby? Don’t execute anyone unless you know all opponents are currently preoccupied. The farther you are away from them, the better. Are you a building away, running low on ammo and desperately in need of shields? Do it.

A good way to pull off a finisher it mid-combat is to obscure yourself and your target from enemy vision. Are you playing Bangalore or have one on your team? Smoke the enemy to cover the finisher animation. Even if they know where you are, they’re more prone to miss in smoke.

Apex Legends Finishers
The Gaming Merchant tested out every finisher animation currently in the game, here is what they all clock in at.

Finisher animations average around 5.38 seconds, but playing Apex Legends you should know that’s more than enough time to get downed – which, considering the current average TTK in Season 6, is about 1 second. This is assuming they hit their shots, which isn’t hard against semi-static targets. So when executing, time is of the essence. Some finishing animations are better than others, as they make you un-targetable or otherwise tricksy. Or sometimes they’re just too damn fast and you get out of them quicker than others.

So which legends have the best and quickest finishers? According to content creator The Gaming Merchant, Pathfinder’s Hi-5 and Wraith’s Existential Crisis net you the most advantage. Wraith’s finisher actually allows her to dodge gunfire due to void-trickery. That’s an advantage if I’ve heard of one, so why not use it?

It’s also worth noting that while Mirage’s finishers are super long, you can potentially bamboozle would-be-assassins with the hologram.

All Apex Legends Finishers Compared! Which Finishers Are Faster? - Season 6 Edition

The quicker you confirm a kill, the easier you can rest knowing you’re not leaving empty handed, or worse – with a bullet in your back. If you’re able to pull off a well-timed finisher, you can actually come out a battle better-off than when you went in. This surprises your enemies, and may enable you fulfill the clutch part of “clutch or kick”. Though they may just leave you to die anyway, because pubs are a mess at the best of times.

Confirming kills nets you a +1 to your counter, an edge over the enemy and some good loot to boot. So really, why not take the time to finish an enemy off if you can? Just be careful, and you should be fine

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