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Everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Global Series

"The place between sweat and disappointment is where I feel most alive"

Good news for the competitive among the Apex Legends community (So, I guess all of us?) Respawn has announced a set of official competitive events for Apex Legends players around the world. (Disclaimer: only for those in the world who play on PC). The Apex Legends Global Series is here, and we are here to tell you how it works!

The Apex Legends Global Series includes 12 live global events starting on Jan. 25 2020 with registration starting Jan. 11. The first live Major takes place from March 13-15. It has a total prize pool of $3 Million and players from over 60 countries are fighting for it.

There are five different kinds of events included as part of the Global Series.

  • Online Tournaments in which players will start out in the Global Series. If a player does well in these tournaments they earn “Apex Legends Global Series Points”. Yes, they really called it that.
  • Challenger Events which focus on regional competitions and give local players a chance to prove their worth. Players who win in the Challenger Events have a spot reserved for them in the upcoming Major.
  • Premier Events, global live events that set the top online players per region against each other. Those who win the Premier events earn higher levels of Series Points and advanced placement invites to Majors.
  • Majors, a fight for the top with the fourth Major being the Championships. Majors are the real deal main events where the top teams around the globe battle for the largest prize pools.
Apex Legends Global Series event classifications
Here you can see how each event in the Apex Legends Global Series progresses into the next.

Over the course of the year, there will be four Major events. The first three consist of 100 squads competing to win the $500,000 USD prize pool. However, for the fourth Major – the Championship –  only the top 60 teams in the Global Series are invited for the chance to compete over the ultimate 1 Million dollar prize pool. The Majors will use the Apex Legends Match Point system, where teams must hit a set point amount in order to reach Match Point. The tournament ends when a team who won Match Point wins a match and becomes champions.

For those of you interested, here are the dates for the first three events in the Apex Legends Global Series:

  • Jan. 25 and 27 is the online tournament to qualify for the first Major.
  • Feb. 29 and March 2 is the online tournament to qualify for the first Premier.
  • March 13-15 is the first Major. For this you will have to go to the Esports Stadium in Arlington, Texas. But hey, $500,000 prize pool!

The Global Series starts next month, so if you are planning on getting in on it be sure to register! So get out there, form your squads and run to the nearest internet cafe! I mean, you really wouldn’t want to lag or run into hardware trouble during these events. Good luck out there, and don’t get too sweaty.

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