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Season 5 of Apex Legends has arrived and brought some big changes to the game. In addition to introducing players to Loba, the 13th Legend, and reworking Mirage, Respawn also updated the Kings Canyon map in a significant fashion.

Up until thie season, Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon map had one location that was uniquely favored for hot drops. Similar to Fortnite’s now-departed Tilted Towers, Kings Canyon was home to Skull Town. Confident Apex players had adopted Skull Town to be their hot drop destination since before there were even seasons.

As seen in Loba’s cinematic trailer, Skull Town and the surrounding area of Thunderdome have been destroyed and plunged into the ocean. According to Davis Standly, one of Respawn’s level designers, this decision was made in hope that “other parts of the map will shine”.


To replace Skull Town and Thunderdome, Kings Canyon has seen the emergence of Salvage. This addition has been added to the Broken Coast, which runs from Octane’s Gauntlet all the way through to Water Treatment.

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Salvage is a smaller point of interest for players to explore. An industrial rig has recovered Skull Town’s Leviathan’s skull and holds it in place over the water. Smaller containment units can be found, typically holding mid to high-tiered loot. Salvage is an accessible location, with zip lines running from the outskirts into the heart of the area.

Salvage offers very little when it comes to height advantages for teams. However, the Leviathan’s skull is accessible via zipline for teams to overlook the area and take long-range shots at enemies. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, remnants of Revenant’s underground facilities can be discovered.

Salvage does not hold the glitz and glamour Skull Town had. To Respawn’s credit, that appears to be the point. The changes encourage players to now migrate from the south-western corner to populate areas that have flown under the radar until now.

The Rig and Capacitor

What was once Relay and Wetlands has now been replaced by The Rig and Capacitor. The northeast corner of King’s Canyon has become a hub for players to gather in.

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The Rig is an overdeveloped, more detailed version of Salvage. A large industrial rig hangs in the centre of the location, with containment units surrounding the area. The Rig has quite a bit of verticality, so teams who arrive there early can take some significant high ground advantage.

Within The Rig, teams can use of the new ‘Charge Towers’. Activating these devices will replenish the charge of any Legend’s Ultimate when standing on the platform. Charge Towers can be found throughout the map, but one is accessible in the middle of The Rig.

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Capacitor is south of The Rig where Wetlands used to be. This is a major overhaul for this area of the map. Capacitor’s location is sunken into the ground, with many obstacles and boxes to hide behind when trading gunfire.

Due to the layout, there are many opportunities for teams to flank enemies or coordinate an offensive rotation around the perimeter. High-tiered loot is typically found at this destination as well.

Respawn has added a few settlement camps on the outskirts of Capacitor. Per Respawn’s blog update, these camps have been implemented to pad out the open areas between major points of interest. Respawn’s goal was to “create more viable routes through the new space”.

There have also been some smaller map tweaks found around the map. One of the more noticeable ones is the changes made to the Reclaimed Forest area. The greenery in the area has continued to grow. The exterior of Singh Labs has also been expanded slightly. New roads have also been placed in the area to assist players to have “more defined routes in order to shape a more understandable flow through the zone.”

Kings Canyon will be available for a two-week period following the Apex Legends Season 5 launch. Afterwards, Respawn will begin rotating between Season 4’s Worlds Edge map and Kings Canyon to allow both maps to breathe throughout the new season.

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