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Mirage is here for the Holo-Days in Apex Legends Holiday event

Apex Legends is releasing it’s second holiday event with everyone’s favorite Legend, Mirage at the helm. Mirage’s Holo-day Bash is now live in Apex legends. The event features a holiday themed map in the new Winter Express mode. In this mode, you and your squad are dropped into World’s Edge with a preset loadout. Your task is to capture the festive locomotive three times in order to win. Do not forget to also check out The Mirage Voyage party boat. It is decked out with a dance floor – complete with dancing holograms and a luxurious hot tub and fireworks… for you to anxiously enjoy when you’re hiding out solo against the remaining two squads.

Keeping true to the last event, there are 24 limited time festive skins and other cosmetics for all Legends. Some are free to obtain through event challenges and others available for purchase directly from the shop with Apex Coins, Holo-day Bash event packs or with crafting metals.

Apex Legends Mirage Wattson Pathfinder Octane holiday event

If players end up unlocking all 24 Apex Legends Holiday event cosmetics, they also receive a free Pathfinder heirloom set. The set sees the grappling hook wielding robot get a fancy new set of boxing gloves. This is a special treat for anyone eager to relive losing Rock’ em Sock’ em Robots to their siblings. The gloves themselves seem to have screens on them, matching the screen on Pathfinder’s Chest. With this, your enemies can REALLY know how you feel as you’re punching them off the edge of the map.

The event will run from Dec. 12 through to Jan. 7, with a Double XP weekend running from Dec. 13 – 16. Remember, while you’re out there at the World’s Edge, don’t forget to have fun. Also don’t forget to BM the enemy team by emoting over their inventory crate in true holiday spirit. Have fun out there this holiday season, and don’t get too cocky.

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