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No Respawn, a new Pathfinder passive won’t make me forgive you

You may remember how Pathfinder got gutted in Season 5 of Apex Legends. Well it seems like Respawn saw Season 6 as an opportunity to bring him back to life — and they tried, they really did. It just didn’t work.

To recap – Season 5 saw our favorite Spider-Man impersonator get grounded for longer periods of time. When his Grapple cooldown went from 15 to 35 seconds, funerals were held, families cried, and the effects were felt throughout the Apex Games (in an emotional way, that is, since the nerf apparently had no negative effect on his combat success rate).

His kit is still decent, don’t get me wrong. But you can’t make changes that drastic without some outcry.

The Pathfinder passive predicament

Well, Respawn has heard our pleas for Season 6 and they have decided to “bless” us. Pathfinder has a new passive to play with this season. Now you get a ten second cooldown reduction for your zipline for every Survey Beacon you use. This stacks up to six times, meaning you can cut down his zipline cooldown from 120 seconds to just 60. Yes indeed folks, now you get to place even more ziplines and you get some use of scanning Beacons even if you don’t need to scan them.

Considering how Pathfinder is no longer the only legend that can use said Beacons, this passive change was pretty necessary. But seeing as how beacons used to be part of Pathfinder’s passive, I think they should have given him a brand new one to replace it. Reducing zipline cooldown is all well and good, but it doesn’t make him unique anymore.

Pathfinder Passive Concept. Ping detects enemy for the team and Pathy learns additional info about them. from apexlegends

The community is abuzz with ideas for a different passive for Pathfinder, and there have been lots of great suggestions circulating forums and subreddits – even since before his change. Some are simple, like letting him charge shields from Crypto ultimate rather than losing them, or letting him use his robo-eye to enhance zoom. I know you think the shield one is nonsensical, but if you’re applying logic then Pathfinder really should just shut down entirely when he gets EMP’d.

Anyway, moving on. Other ideas are a little more complex – like this one that buffs his sniper prowess. The concept gives him a sort-of computer-calculated-aim-assist that hints at how to be more accurate.

The goal here is to make him more unique, and just giving him more to do with beacons doesn’t do that. You could make him faster on ziplines, or let him cut ziplines to slow a chase. Pathfinder is a robot with a grappling hook, so why don’t we treat him as such? He’s always felt kind of unfinished to me, like there was always something missing. This is a good chance for Respawn to give him a mini-rework similar to Mirage. I don’t even mind if they keep the grapple cooldown high. The main thing is that they make it so his other abilities play off of it efficiently.

Ultimately it’s up to Respawn to decide how to change Pathfinder, and they do want him to be unique. As a recon legend, he does a lot less of the actual recon Bloodhound and Crypto do. Hopefully we can see him fulfill this role a bit more in future.

Or they could just flesh out the whole Pathfinder-in-the-alternate-dimension thing from Fright or Flight.

New pathfinder passive, Dimensional travel. from apexlegends

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