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The 5 biggest changes coming in Apex Legends Season 5

Season 5 is now live in Apex Legends and with it a large amount of changes have come to the game. With a new battle pass, an update to King’s Canyon, and the new legend Loba, here are the 5 biggest changes coming in Apex Legends Season 5.

Loba, Translocating Thief

Each season we get a new legend and this time it’s Loba, a member of high society and cat burglar extraordinaire. Loba knows what she wants and will not hesitate to step on anyone’s toes (and Octane’s neck) to get it. A long time ago, her traumatic encounter with Revenant forced her to become a pickpocket, before a piece of stolen teleportation tech launched her to new heights. Now she has entered King’s Canyon seeking revenge, among other things.

  • Tactical Ability: Burglar’s Best Friend – Teleport to hard-to-reach places or escape trouble quickly by throwing your Jump Drive bracelet.
  • Ultimate Ability: Black Market Boutique – Place a portable device that allows you to teleport nearby loot to your inventory. Each friendly or enemy Legend can take up to two items.
  • Passive: Eye for Quality – Nearby epic and Legendary loot can be seen through walls. The detection range is the same as Black Market Boutique’s collection range.
season 5 biggest changes
Loba, the high society thief.

Mirage gets a rework

Our favorite porkchop-loving legend is getting his abilities reworked, and in a pretty big way too.

  • Tactical Ability: Psyche Out – Pressing the character utility action button allows Mirage to gain control of his decoy. When controlling the decoy, it will mimic Mirage’s every move. Decoys now last for 60 seconds. Releasing another decoy will remove the previous decoy.
  • Ultimate Ability: Life of the Party – Mirage deploys a team of decoys that mimic his every move.
  • Passive: Now You See Me… – In addition to cloaking when downed, Mirage also cloaks while using a respawn beacon and reviving a teammate (the teammate is also cloaked).

This rework will make Mirage’s abilities more deceiving, while also adding some utility to his passive.

Charge Towers

A new mechanic has been added to King’s Canyon: Charge Towers. These devices allow you to activate them to get your Ultimate ability instantly charged, as long as you remain standing in the device’s area of effect when the blasts go out. This will require timing and can turn the tide of a fight for you – or your opponent.

season 5 biggest changes
The new Charge Tower

Seasonal Quest

Apex is getting its first ever seasonal quest – a search for the pieces of a mysterious relic. The hunt for said pieces will span the entire Season 5 of Apex Legends. These quests will give players daily missions to find treasure packs and new rewards, and serve to reveal more of the game’s story.

After collecting 5 treasure packs, players can then hunt down one of the nine pieces of the relic with a squad or solo. This happens on Kings Canyon at night, and pits players against packs of Prowlers.

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon makes its return but with a healthy amount of changes. Skulltown and Thunder Dome have fallen into the ocean. Fret not, for new locations like Salvage and the Offshore Rig have been added, along with an excavation site of the Capacitor. The new Kings Canyon will be the exclusive map for 2 weeks. After that World’s Edge will enter into the map rotation.

season 5 biggest changes
The remnants of Skull Town

Lots of things are changing in Season 5 in Apex Legends. Along side a vast array of buffs and nerfs to legends and weapons, these major changes will shift the meta of the game. You can find more details in the official Apex Legends Season 5 patch notes.

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