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The Apex Legends Lost Treasures update brings some wild changes

Alright you guys, here we go – the Apex Legends Lost Treasures updates IS BUFFING THE S**T OUT OF MY BOY OCTANE! And I guess some other legends too. But seriously, the Lost Treasures event comes out in Apex Legends tomorrow, and with it arrive a new heirloom, town takeover, and a slew of Legend changes!

Season 5 brought with it tons of Legend changes in its own right – notably gutting Pathfinder, and hinting at more in store for everyone’s favorite speedster. With Lost Treasures, we’re sure to see the meta change up once more, and honestly you guys, I really like these tweaks, a lot of them really make sense to me, and some will work well to fix inconsistencies within the game.

You wanna see some real speed b**ch?

My favourite Lost Treasures Legend changes of course belong to Octane. We’re seeing a bit more of what Respawn hinted at back in May – which is giving him a bit more team-play. While Octane isn’t exactly the most useful team member, he’s definitely getting a bit closer in this update.

Octane can now break free of slows with his Stim. He also gets a 10% increase to his running speed when Stimmed, and his JUMP PAD NOW LETS YOU DOUBLE JUMP. Let that sink in. You can now jump and then jump again, while being able to “change direction easily” from the double jump. If defying physics itself isn’t enough team play, honestly just get out.

Lifeline is taking back her “best medic” mantel

The Mirage rework saw Lifeline pushed to the side, as invisibility trumps heal speed almost every time. But Respawn saw this and gave it a big ol’ no. Lifeline no longer heals herself or her squad faster – but can instead now deploy D.O.C to revive downed squad mates. This mostly serves to let her BM you if she so chooses, but it has the added effect of letting you defend them while they revive.

Apex Legends Lost Treasures Lifeline
Smart D.O.C deployment will definitely help shift the tide of battle

Her tactical cooldown is reduced from 60 to 45 seconds, and her care package will now spawn more items. Being a medic’s tool, the care packages will contain 3x more small healing items… when it “decides” to spawn them. Likewise, when it “decides” to spawn attachments, it will spawn twice as many. 

Edge-boi alert

I mentioned earlier that some of the Lost Treasures changes add more consistency to Apex Legends – sadly Revenant has some of those. When Revenant uses his tactical Silence, it prevents affected enemies from using their abilities for 20 seconds. We all know this, and some of us hilariously don’t care – looking at you Pathfinder mains. Until this update, some abilities wouldn’t actually be affected by his silence, and it didn’t much make sense.

Revenant’s Silence will now cancel Pathfinder mid-grapple, and Wraith’s phase walk pre-activation – basically before she squeezes her hand. It’ll stop Mirage’s revive cloak and prevent him from controlling a decoy, and will actually prevent Lifeline’s drone from reviving.

Death Totem also received a buff, in that it no longer has a range restriction. Which I suppose theoretically allows you to run as far as you want before expiration – which is honestly fine with me. I mostly use it to jump off cliffs to raise my heart rate when someone takes Octane from me.

Guys, guys I SWEAR he’s not paranoid

Crypto’s drone now comes out one second faster, which doesn’t sound like a lot until you play him. His EMP is more consistent too, in that it will actually disable Wattson pylons rather than just leaving them to chill. So uh, if a Wattson is deploying fences menacingly in a chase, you can drop your drone a second faster and be petty with the EMP?

She called Pathfinder an appliance so she doesn’t deserve a meme title

Loba’s bracelet no longer gets f**king DESTROYED when she tries to use it near Wattson’s interceptor. Her Black Market will now only yeet one stack of ammo. Which isn’t much of a nerf, until you realize that it would also fill a partial stack first. On the bright side, feeding Loba Ultimate Accelerants is more efficient and will give her 20% instead of 17.5%.

Sad Pathfinder
She deserves what she gets for upsetting him

You been *more efficiently* bamboozled

Mirage’s tactical ability can now be held to take control of a decoy immediately on deployment, and the decoys will now speak when shot. Which is kind of sad when you think about it. When Mirage is cloaked, players within five meters will be able to see his holo-emitters. So on top of using it to run away, you are now incentivized to run away.

In the coolest change to Mirage, he now spawns squad decoys when skydiving with your squad. I’m honestly really happy about this one, because just sending decoys of yourself doesn’t work unless you’re toxic.


Caustic’s barrels can be cancelled before being fully inflated if they’re shot. That’s all he gets, because that’s all he deserves.

In other news, Wattson pylons now last 90 seconds with a limit of three at a time, and she gets to stack two ultimate accelerants in one backpack slot. Respawn have stated that these changes are meant to make breaching a Wattson-fortified position more possible. She’ll actually have to think more long term before hunkering down somewhere.

And last but not least – we have the TTV players.

Wraith is popular, you don’t need me to tell you this. Respawn has tried nerfing her by increasing her phase cooldown and it just hasn’t worked. These new changes are intended to make her tactical ability just that: tactical. Rather than being able to escape bad engagements, Wraith will hopefully have to use her Phase Walk more to reposition than anything. 

Phase Walk now takes 1.25 seconds to activate rather than 0.4. Which again, sounds okay until you try it. Wraith is also slowed by 20% during this time, leaving her open to damage for a substantial amount of time. If placing a portal, Wraith will not suffer through the slow, which is a saving grace for team escapes. But I should mention, that the portal now has a 25% reduction to potential distance.

Wraith players are in for a treat. Phase Walk now boosts movement speed by 30% and allows Wraith to see other players while in the void. Duration is increased from three to four seconds, and cooldown is down 10 seconds, from 35 to 25.

And that’s all the Lost Treasures Legend changes for now. It is worth a mention that there are a few weapon and Quality of Life changes as well which can be seen in the official patch notes.

Lost Treasures weapon changes

I can see some of the Legend changes introduced in the Lost Treasures update being controversial – especially with Lifeline’s healing speed nerfs. All-in-all her new ability may prove to be much more effective in combat. Previously, Lifeline could attempt and stop a revive to force an enemy to make a combat decision early. While this will no longer be the case, Lifeline can now play a more active role in defending a downed teammate.

The Lost Treasures Legend changes are numerous, but I’m pretty happy with the overall shift, which shows a good mix of buffs and nerfs, and nothing too questionable right off the bat. I’m most excited about the Octane changes, and the new consistency buffs for ability interactions. All in all, the Lost Treasures Apex Legends update and its many changes promises to make things interesting for a while.

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