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The Apex Legends Season 5 launch trailer answers (and raises) so many questions

So the Apex Legends Season 5 trailer dropped yesterday and with it comes our newest legend — Loba Andrade. On top of that, I also have some upsetting news for Wraith mains and sweaty TTVs alike — but we’ll get to that later.

Apex Legends Season 5 – Fortune's Favor Launch Trailer

You may remember Loba Andrade as the daughter who watched her parents and their bodyguards get absolutely decimated by Revenant in the trailer for Season 4 – Assimilation.

In the Season 5 launch trailer however, a grown-up Loba demonstrates her skills as a fighter after triggering Revenant’s security system.  This in turn gets her attacked by a swarm of robots, which she fights off using an assortment of gadgets and weapons.

Apex Legends Revenant human
Face-Off sequel in the works

It seems Loba may have a short-range teleporter and some sort of magnet to steal weapons and loot with. The magnetic device also doubles as a staff, which I wish was her heirloom but likely won’t be.  This would certainly fit in with her theme, as well as her thief backstory.

I want to focus on Revenant’s reaction for a minute though. It has a few implications to his and Loba’s history. When Revenant sees her emerge from the crater he quips at her in an almost amused manner – as if expecting her. This raises some questions.

In the years following the murder of her parents, what was Revenant doing? It’s easy to assume that he continued carrying out assassinations, but did he know about Loba? And if he knew, when did he make the connection between the daughter that escaped, and this skilled thief?

And lastly, did the other Legends know of both Revenant and Loba before meeting them in the games?

Is that factory a home for more Revenant bodies? If one dies, can he shift to a new one?

Apex Legends Revenant factory
Well… that isn’t terrifying at all

I guess what I’m really after is *more lore Respawn pls*. There are so many questions left in the air, and so many gaps in the story as a whole. Luckily we have the Stories from the Outlands series to flesh out the backstories of the characters. But I wonder how far they’ll go with this. Is it just scattered world-building, or will they eventually start intertwining the story threads like they did with Loba and Revenant?

And at this point, can we even 100% trust Respawn after the bait and switch they pulled with Forge? Makes one wonder if any more characters from trailers and stories will appear in the main game.

Oh, and circling back for a second, remember that collapsing factory? Well right above it we momentarily saw a skull sinking into the crater. I guess what I’m trying to say here is, sorry Wraith mains. Skulltown is done-zo.

The end of an era. from ApexOutlands

Octane, Mirage and Bloodhound have seen town takeovers dedicated to their related events. It stands to reason then, that the Skulltown crater serves as a joint takeover for a Loba and Revenant event. The vault Easter egg may play into this, as when activated, the player is teleported to the catwalk of a dark factory surrounded by dormant robots. This catwalk could be a good location for a limited time solo or 1v1 mode if Respawn wills it.

It’ll be interesting to see all the new developments that come with Season 5. Will we get yet another sniper rifle? Will that pistol Loba was holding turn out to be a new weapon? And the most pressing question of all — will Loba be really OP or really crap on release? Only a week left before we find out first-hand.

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