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The Apex Legends theories behind Ash and Olympus, explained

The Apex Legends Broken Ghost storyline is complete, for now. While many Apex only fans may be confused, veterans of Titanfall 2 recognized the treasure a long time ago. Let’s talk about some of the theories regarding The Broken Ghost and its fallout, and what they mean for Apex Legends in the future.

I should warn you this whole article is a big spoiler for The Broken Ghost, so you should probably hop on out of here and into Apex Legends if you haven’t finished the quest. Unless you don’t care, in which case I don’t know why you’re even here. Welcome nonetheless.

A familiar face to some

As it turns out, the titular ghost of The Broken Ghost questline in Apex Legends is Ash, a simulacrum pilot from Titanfall 2. Ash has a complicated history, originally working with Kuben Blisk, leader of the Apex Predators before joining Vinson Dynamics.

The last Broken Ghost mission - ASH IS HERE // Apex Legends

A popular theory circulating in the Apex Legends community is the idea that Wraith is actually Ash as a human. Wraith has a pilot emblem on her chest, meaning she is one of a select group chosen to control a titan, and we know that Ash was most likely a pilot before transitioning from human to a simulacrum body. The theory states that Wraith/Ash’s original body was injured, and she opted to undergo regeneration – a process in its infancy at the time – which wiped her memory. Her memories were then transitioned to a Spectre shell, and the simulacrum Ash was born. Now there are two versions of the same person in existence – one human, one simulacrum.

And alternative version of this theory suggests that Wraith is just Ash put back into a human body after her last simulacrum body was destroyed. Followers of this theory draw connections to the phase shift powers both Ash and Wraith use, and the fact that Ash’s death mask resembles Wraith. Either of these Apex Legends theories seems plausible, and would fill in much of Wraith’s story – while simultaneously making it more confusing.

Ash may very well assimilate into Apex as the new game master. Nobody has heard from Kuben Blisk in the better part of a year, leaving the games open to new leadership. Ash has experience in operating arena style death matches, so this seems like it would be right up her alley. 

Lifeline, Octane, Olympus…and the double D’s

In the epilogue of the quest, we see a chat transcript between Octane and Lifeline. In it, Octane expresses concern for what Ash had said in the chamber, and talks about their home – Olympus.

The Broken Ghost epilogue

This heavily implies that the Apex Games are moving to Olympus in Season 6, and that we may have a brand new set of missions on arrival. 

We should be pretty familiar with Olympus by now, as it’s where Loba’s parents were murdered in the Season 4 trailer.

Psamathe Olympus is a flying city, and the next arena might take place below it from ApexLore

Olympus was actually theorised by fans to be a new location for the games back in February. It looks like they were right, and it seems like the games are moving to Olympus to track down something, or someone specific. The chat also mentions “Darion” and “Duardo”, two names with no discernible story behind them yet. They seemingly link back directly to Lifeline and Octane, and the next series of quests may lead us to them.

What the hell is going on with Mila?

Even though The Broken Ghost storyline ended just days ago, we still have a lot more questions and Apex Legends theories left to answer. We still have the whole mess with Crypto and Mila to get through. We can really only speculate as to her role in what’s happened or will happen in future.

To be blunt, I think Mila is either dead, or lying. Either way, something is up and I fear for Crypto’s life. And by the way, his name was changed on the website from UNKNOWN to Tae Joon Park. Something is coming that is going to shake the legends up, and I’m not happy about it.

This first Apex Legends quest was a rollercoaster, and it weirdly left me feeling something for Revenant. We always heard him talking about wanting to die, but by the end of the quest we saw how truly desperate he was for it. My brain tells me that many questions will be answered in Season 6, but my gut tells me that we’ll be left with more questions than answers once again.

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