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The lack of new weapons in Apex Legends Season 5 is for the best

Despite fan outcry, there will be no new weapons in Season 5 of Apex Legends and honestly, that’s okay.

Ever since Apex Legends first released, we’ve seen the return of many fan favorite guns from the Titanfall games. Well, actually we’ve seen newer versions of these guns, but my point stands. Among these weapons we have the R-301 which is derived from the R-201, the Triple Take from the Double Take, and the R99, which comes from the – you guessed it – R97 apparently. Yeah, I don’t really understand some of the naming conventions either, but you get my point.

Understandable expectations

The games share a universe, so it makes sense to have these next-gen models of pilot-killing-pew-pew machines appearing in Apex. Seeing this, the community of course is excited for more. While there has been hype for certain guns to make a return *cough* the C.A.R *cough*, I actually think it’s a good idea to keep the weapon pool where it is — at least for now. The Titanfall  universe Apex Legends inhabits has a lot of weapons to offer, but that doesn’t mean we need them all.

Mastiff rarity
It’s everywhere dude

Adding a new gun to the rotation risks over-saturating the pool, and making it harder to find the right guns. We already have a good mix of weaponry present in the game as it is. And while some are more usable than others, that’s just the nature of the game.

Plus, it’s not like Respawn left the weapon meta untouched. A lot of tweaks were made in terms of attachments and damage levels in order to keep things interesting. Most notably, Respawn swapped the Mastiff and Peacekeeper rarities. Now the Mastiff is a common weapon — and I mean common, you can find this thing in every other room — and the Peacekeeper is a legendary weapon.

We don’t need new guns really

Adding in new guns may appease complainers, but now doesn’t feel like the right time for it. At the moment, we have one (1) usable pistol, and the SMG options are a bit lackluster as well. Rather than adding new guns, reworking the existing ones is a good option. And Respawn have tried this in different ways. The P2020 was weak to say the least, so they gave you the option to use Hammerpoint Rounds. While that didn’t suddenly boost it into the must-have tier, it definitely made picking it up worth considering.

And again, I cannot emphasize this enough: diluting the loot pool is not a great idea. Finding the right hardware is essential in battle royales. If you don’t find decent weapons, you’re left to pick risky fights or vulture loot until you’re able to hold your own. Having an OP gun isn’t everything, but it is a large part of everything.

Apex Legends vs Titanfall 2 - Weapons Comparison

Adding new guns doesn’t fix the problem, if anything it exacerbates things. Respawn are actively listening to feedback from players, and we’ve seen them take that feedback into account for the better. For now there are enough weapons and attachments to keep things interesting. Adding a new one may complicate things, and it should only be done when absolutely necessary.

We’ve seen this type of thinking ruin games before

If you want an example of things going wrong with new guns, look at the Ripper SMG from Call of Duty: Ghosts. It was added into the game as part of a map pack, and it took multiplayer by storm. Suddenly it was everywhere, everyone had one and you could barely find someone using the previously popular Vector or PP19-Bizon. This was likely due to the SMG/Assault Rifle swap function — which was admittedly kind of cool — as well as a high damage output. But to be honest, the game didn’t need a new gun. It was added for the hell of it, and it threw everything out of whack.

I really think Apex Legends is fine where it is, and won’t benefit from new weapons. Season 5 brought tons of new content for players and I love it so far. There is a time and place for new weapons and this isn’t it, and the devs think so too. So just stick with what we have. Try to work on using the guns you don’t like; we’ll see new weapons and developments eventually, and even when we do, there will always be someone mad about something.

Just don’t be that guy.

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