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The rules of Apex Legends fight club

Battle royale games don’t typically enable complex social interaction. The only intended form of communication in these games is murder, and the primary use for proximity chat – if your game has it – is to taunt the corpse. And yet, within these constraints, battle royale players have been able to invent and adopt a variety of interesting new social rituals. Today we will highlight one of them, which has become a staple in Apex Legends: improvised fight clubs.

This practice has a long and storied history. As long as there has been Apex Legends, there have been last circle fight clubs. The idea is simple: when there are only a few squads left, they decide the winner by scrapping for it. This is a great way for some players to show off their less-used skills and take a break from normal Apex.

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Fight clubs usually play out in a very structured manner. One squad will communicate their intent by showing themselves in the open and dropping all of their gear. Then the remaining squads will typically join in. A repeated display of squatting is used by all participants to reaffirm their civil intentions.

Then each squad takes a turn sending in a fighter into a designated arena, where they go toe to toe in single elimination rounds against members of enemy squads. When a player survives a round, they can heal up before they face the next challenger. The last remaining squad is the winner, while every other fight club participant rests easy knowing they took part in a noble warrior tradition.

These are the rules to Apex Legends fight clubs – when there are rules, of course. Some players just duke it out without much ceremony. And some particularly cowardly individuals may choose to dishonor themselves by gunning down their opponents as they square up. This is the only true way to lose.

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