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This 8-bit Apex Legends version is both cute and bad

It seems a Russian developer has attempted to piggyback on the success of Apex Legends by creating their own version. Unlike more blatant clones, Opex Mobile is more of a minimalist, tongue-in-cheek homage. The game is a simple 2D top-down shooter, with Apex-flavored items and visuals. Opex Mobile offers only PvE gameplay in the current build, which may actually also be the final build, as the last update was in June. This is bad news if you actually enjoy the concept. The game is most likely abandoned, and is grindingly slow and unresponsive in its current state.

To be fair, Opex Mobile has the makings of a fun little game. With a working PvP server and no stutter, it could have been a nice little title in its own right. With the problems fixed, the game would be popular even without mimicking Apex Legends style. Alternatively, if Respawn actually got behind the idea of a 2D Apex Legends version on mobile – with the game’s actual non-ironic setting and assets – that would arguably have been a great success.


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Apex Legends mobile is happening

Hilariously underwhelming clones aside, Respawn is actually working on bringing Apex Legends to mobile. EA have made it clear they would love to penetrate two particular markets with Apex: China, and mobile. The most recent update on their efforts came Oct. 29. In their 2020 Q2 earnings call prepared remarks, EA stated that they are expanding Apex‘s development team to deliver on this mobile goal.

Would Apex Legends make a good mobile game? Most likely not. The game revolves around active communication and fluid parkour-esque movement. Neither of those things translates well to mobile. For a mobile version to play even remotely like the original, controller support is a must. We will have to wait and see how Respawn handles the port.

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